'Pretty Little Liars' Webisode Plus 4 Sneak Peeks at the Halloween Special
'Pretty Little Liars' Webisode Plus 4 Sneak Peeks at the Halloween Special
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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We're so close to the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special that you can practically feel your phone buzzing with all the missed A texts. Still, we have to wait a little while longer before we can see what sort of shenanigans transpire on the Halloween train. Trapping everyone in Rosewood in a small confined space; what could go wrong?!

In the penultimate episode of the webisode series Pretty Dirty Secrets, we get a few hints as to Shana's identity and the wearer of the hoodie. We also get confirmation that Shana does, in fact, occasionally leave the Halloween store. I was getting a little scared that she just camped there 24/7 waiting for drama to happen.

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Creepiest person: Whoever showed up at the Halloween store to copy and then delete all the security camera footage was a pretty shady character. On a show where someone is constantly being murdered, I'm not sure why I still find it surprising to see the 'A' team result to violence. Still, it was pretty jarring to see the wearer of the hoodie slide out a blade for the poor, unsuspecting security guard. Good thing he got a convenient text. Wait, now A is harassing adult men instead of just teenaged girls?

'A' Team Member? It felt like we got some real, substantial hints on the person behind the hoodie in this week's webisode. Most of this, of course, came thanks to hoodie's creepy fascination with stroking things. First, hoodie strokes a blonde wig. Then later a picture of CeCe on the security footage. Is this 'A' team member someone who carries a torch for blondes, or just for CeCe? And if it's CeCe specific, does that mean Jason might be on the 'A' team? Plus the hoodie wearer seems good with computers, just like the boyfriend of a certain blonde who will be dressed up as Marilyn Monroe soon.

ImportAnt Information: Shana talks to a mysterious stranger on the phone and agrees that she loves it in Rosewood. And why wouldn't she? Who doesn't love spending all their time in a creepy Halloween store, watching other people get into arguments? She also mentions that she hasn't met "them" yet, which can only mean our favorite liars. Most tellingly, she mentions that she was "her friend too". Who was Shana's friend? Alison? Maya? Mona? Only time will tell.

With only one more webisode to go, it'll be interesting to see how this ties into the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special. Will Shana pop up? Watch the webisode below and share your Shana theories in the comments:

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Not enough PLL material to freak out over? Here are some special sneak peeks at the Halloween special itself!

Just what's wrong with Noel? Plus, does it surprise anyone that Jenna is wearing a costume that consists of an eye-patch and some kind of weird hat? She is just the strangest, most amazing creature.

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Aria meets special guest star Adam Lambert, the only one with flashier and weirder style than her own:

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And speaking of Lambert, here's a special sneak preview of his performance on the episode:

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And finally Mona sings "Teddy Bear's Picnic" and shares her love for Halloween. It's creepy.

What do you think PLL faithful? Do you have webisode theories? Are you pumped for the Halloween special? Share in the comments!

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