'Pretty Little Liars' Webisode: A Fight Over Jenna
 'Pretty Little Liars' Webisode: A Fight Over Jenna
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Another week closer to the October 23 Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, another new Pretty Dirty Secrets webisode to ponder. This time we're back in Rosewood's only Halloween store, meeting the only person who works in said store. Seriously, does that store have other employees? Anywhere?

The Halloween store's sole employee is named Shana and she puts up with quite a bit of weird sexual harassment from Noel Kahn. I like Noel's commitment to being the resident creep-about-town. If there is a pretty girl not being weirded out Noel Kahn must sense it, like his own version of the Bat signal.

Still, we learn a bit more about Shana in this week's webisode instead of just watching her lurk in the background:

- She's from New York
- She knows all about Noel already
- Most important, she has a mysterious friend she called as soon as drama erupted in the Halloween shop. Could she be a member of the 'A' team?

Before we can learn too much about Shana or see Noel Kahn try to make more police woman innuendos, Garrett appears. Long time no incarceration Garrett!

Garrett and Noel get into a bit of a fight over Jenna. Garrett thinks, rightly, that Jenna is a super creep who only uses people to get what she wants. He also thinks that Noel and Jenna are somehow involved in the creepy phone messages his mom has been getting recently.

Noel, meanwhile, thinks Garrett is just bitter about losing Jenna's affections. Of course, this whole fight goes down in the aisles of the Halloween store, which is apparently the newest place to bring your drama in Rosewood.

Creepiest person: As Garrett and Noel fight, did everyone see the extremely creepy girl in a ball gown and weird mask come out of the dressing room? Who was that? Why is everyone in Rosewood obsessed with masks? Outlawing masks in that town would go a long way towards cutting down their crime rate.

A Team Member? Shana is certainly looking suspicious. She's new to town but she already knows who Noel Kahn is and she calls up someone to report on the fight in the store. Is she calling Mona or Toby to report? We need to know more about this new character, other than her ability to always witness arguments.

ImportAnt Information: We learned Garrett thinks Jenna and Noel are the ones calling his home leaving creepy messages. So perhaps Garrett is more innocent than he appears, or maybe he's just on the outs with the rest of the team?

Leave your theories in the comments and let us know who else you think is on the 'A' team! After all, we need something to tide us over until the Halloween special!

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

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