'Pretty Little Liars' Video: The Betrayer Interview and First 'Dirty Secrets' Webisode
'Pretty Little Liars' Video: The Betrayer Interview and First 'Dirty Secrets' Webisode
If you watched last night's Pretty Little Liars your head might still be spinning after the ultimate betrayer was revealed. Today, you can watch a teaser to the Halloween special as well as get some more insight from the actor's perspective of joining the 'A' Team.

Warning! This article contains spoilers to those who have not yet watched the Pretty Little Liars summer finale.

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For those looking for a way to ease the anticipation of the show's Halloween special return, you can watch weekly webisodes, Pretty Dirty Secrets.

In the first Pretty Dirty Secrets: "A reservation", Rosewood is getting ready for Halloween. As a telephone rings after shop hours, the camera pans across several creepy masks. Finally the answering machine picks up and the creepy voice we've come to recognize is ready to pick up their costume.

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As a bonus here's an interview of the first known 'A' Team member, Janel Parrish interviews our new betrayer Keegan Allen. Who knew that the black hoodie had super human powers!

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Halloween special airs October 23 on ABC Family. New webisodes are posted every Tuesday on abcfamily.com. You can set a reminder for October's episode now with the free BuddyTV Guide app.

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