'Pretty Little Liars' Video Preview: The Liars are Reunited and a Body is Found
'Pretty Little Liars' Video Preview: The Liars are Reunited and a Body is Found
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Is it just me or is every new episode of Pretty Little Liars getting more and more intense? Only two episodes remain in the show's third season, yet plenty of mysteries still wait to be solved. 

Who is red coat? (We'll find out in the finale!) Is Toby really dead? Where's Jason? Is Wilden a zombie? And most importantly, will Spencer ever find a hairbrush?

At least that last question can be answered, as ABC Family has released multiple clips from next week's penultimate season three episode "I'm Your Puppet". Sadly, there appears to be no makeover in sight.

After an episode keeping our liars apart from their broken friend, they reunite in the clip below. And Radley expert Hanna certainly isn't pulling any punches:

What We Know Now:
  • A body was found in the woods, but it wasn't Toby's. Spencer doesn't ask if it had a creepy tattoo or really impressive abs, so she still seems off her game.
  • While Aria and Emily are being gentle with their damaged friend, Hanna is having none of it. She says Spencer doesn't need to be there, Also, maybe she should think twice about eating the food.
  • "Those bars don't just keep you from getting out," Spencer says eerily. "They keep other people from getting in." 

What We Know Now:
  • Spencer has been released from Radley, but she doesn't want to leave. 
  • Mama Hastings is back, and much less scary than usual. But man, Spencer does not like the shirt she brought along.
  • She wants to know what happened between Spencer and Toby. Will Spencer tell?
  • "The last time I saw someone in this state, clinging to a secret this hard it was Alison," Spencer's mom says. "A few weeks later she was dead." 

What We Know Now: 
  • Hanna and Emily don their candy striper uniforms in order to carry out a grisly task: identifying the body of John Doe camper. 
  • "I smell dead people." Delicately put Hanna. 
  • Emily wants Spencer to know Toby isn't dead, but Hanna doesn't seem quite as sure.

What We Know Now: 
  • Of course Ella is on the church restoration committee even though we've never seen any of these girls or their families look at a church before Pastor Ted tried to date everyone's mom. 
  • Looks like Caleb's Uncle Daddy Jaime might not be as noble as he seems. He might have replaced the church bronze bell with a lesser model to the tune of $8,000. 
  • Will this mean trouble in paradise for Hanna and Caleb?

What will happen to the liars in "I'm Your Puppet"? Will Hanna and Emily uncover Toby's body? Seriously, I have to know if Toby is alive. My recapping life has been empty without at least one shirtless Toby scene per episode! 

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family. Make sure to stop back after the episode for our recap!

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(Image and video courtesy of ABC Family)