'Pretty Little Liars': The 10 Best Songs from Season 4
'Pretty Little Liars': The 10 Best Songs from Season 4
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Pretty Little Liars season 4 has brought a fans shocking twists and turns, answers to some pretty big questions and amazing actor performances. All of these things were enhanced by some killer music throughout the season.

Each season the hit ABC Family show introduces fans to some great music they might not have otherwise heard. Pretty Little Liars season 4 pulled out all the stops when it came to music. Whether it was a song playing softly in the background or front and center in a pivotal scene, Pretty Little Liars was spot on with music this season. Let's take a minute to revisit some of the best songs of the season. 

"Whispers" by Dave Baxter, Episode 4.1 "A is for A-L-I-V-E"

"Whispers" is a big part of this pivotal scene between Aria and Ezra, who run into each other for the first time since their break up. The song playing softy in the background adds a nice element to this scene. 


To listen to the complete song check out the music video and learn more about Dave Baxter here. 


"The Devil Within" by Digital Daggers, Episode 4.1 "A is for A-L-I-V-E" 

Digital Daggers' "The Devil Within" plays in the background as the Liars leave Wilden's funeral and meet Detective Holbrook for the first time. It is fitting considering Holbrook is starting to investigate them. Plus the girls get a text from 'A', who is kind of like the devil.

Check out the official lyric video to the song below and  click here to visit their official website for more music and info.

"The Great Escape" by Pink,  Episode 4.2 "Turn of the Shoe"

"The Great Escape" plays over two very different scenes and works for both. The first part is Spencer opening her rejection letter from UPenn. The second is Hannah and Aria talking about Emily hurting her shoulder. The music is subtle but kind of makes both scenes.

Watch the official lyric video below. You can buy this song and check out more of Pink's music on iTunes.

"Freight Train" by Sara Jackson-Holman,  Episode 4.7 "Crash and Burn, Girl!"

"Freight Train" plays as a tearful Hannah puts her mothers trail outfit together, as well as when Ezra approaches Aria outside the principals office. Both scenes have a vulnerability to them and the song helps show that. 

The official music video is below and you can learn more about Sarah Jackson-Holman at her official site.

"Bad Things" by Meiko, Episode 4.8 "The Guilty Girl's Handbook"

"Bad Things" plays at the end of the episode where Mona confesses to killing Wilden. Hannah is with Mona at the police station, while Spencer texts Aria and Emily the big news. It is one of those instances where music is needed instead of words. The song is perfect fit for the ending.

You learn more about Meiko on Tumblr.

"Midnight Again" by Drew Copeland, Episode 4.11 "Bring Down the Hoe"

"Midnight Again" plays at the barn dance or hoe down, while Emily and Spencer discuss how worried they both are about Toby. The song plays softly but considering the setting the song is a nice addition to the scene.

Stay up-to-date with Drew Copeland by visiting his official site.

"Shelter" by The Strange Familiar,  Episode 4.12 "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" 

"Shelter" plays while Emily and Page discuss Mona in Page's room. Emily is stressed out about Mona and Paige tries to reason with her. The song is a subtle addition to a lovely scene between the girlfriends. 


You can listen to more music and catch live performances on their official YouTube page .

"All The Right Reasons" by The Morse Codes,  Episode 4.15 "Love ShAck, Baby"

"All The Right Reasons" plays while Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hannah are in the car reading Ali's diary. This scene specifically discusses "Cr addle Robber" that is talked about in Ali's diary. The song is really just background music but it also sets the tone nicely for the information the girls find out.

To get updates on The Morse Codes visit their official site and check out their unique music video for "Wandering, I" filmed entirely on an iPhone

"Cruel World" by Jules Larson & AG, Episode 4.16 "Close Encounters"

"Cruel World" plays in a fantastic mother/daughter scene between Hannah and Ashley as they throw plates against the wall. Ashley takes her daughter there to help her get out her frustration over her break up with Caleb. The song fits great in the scene about love, heartache and throwing plates.


To find out where you can purchase and listen to more of Jules Larson and AG visit the official site.  

"Nothing But Trouble" by Lily Lane, Episode 4.20 "Free Fall"

"Nothing But Trouble" plays as Spencer cries after looking at the locket Toby gave her. While Aria checks out the dedication in Ezra's book. The song works amazingly in these scenes as the girls deal with the fallout of their heartache. Plus Aria discovers something is Ezra's manuscript.

The official music video for "Nothing But Trouble" is below. And for more information on Lily Lane click here

If you enjoy the music on Pretty Little Liars and other ABC Family shows be sure to follow them on Spotify. Before you go, tell us your favorite song from the show. 

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