'Pretty Little Liars' Sneak Peek Video: The Wilden Mystery Continues
'Pretty Little Liars' Sneak Peek Video: The Wilden Mystery Continues
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Things are getting more and more intense as Pretty Little Liars' third season draws to a close. With only three more episodes to go before the season finale, we certainly have a lot of questions.

Is Toby really dead? Who else is on the 'A' team? Just who is red coat? Will Spencer ever get out of Radley? Will she ever find a hairbrush? (Doubtful now!)

But one of the biggest enduring mysteries is just what happened to Detective Wilden after Ashley Marin plowed into him with her car. Don't mess with Mama Marin! In fact, I think it's a pretty good policy not to mess with any of the Marins when it comes to vehicular matters. 

In this clip from Tuesday's upcoming episode "The Circle Will Be Unbroken", we check in with Hanna and Ashley. As usual, Ashley is in the process of freaking out over the little matter of that potential murder she committed. 

Hanna, meanwhile, continues her new zen attitude toward crime. If you ever need someone to help hide a body or sink a car in the lake, Hanna is your girl. When Pastor Ted calls for Ashley, Hanna forces her to accept a date so they can keep up appearances. 

"God mom, it's almost like you're new to our life of crime. Remember the lasagna box? This isn't our first rodeo. I'm really carrying the ball on this particular crime spree."

You can tell Hanna has really embraced her dark side, because she seems to be dressing like Elvira now. That's a lot of black lace. 

Will this Wilden nonsense come back and bite Hanna? (Oh, definitely.) Is Wilden dead? Will Ashley end up behind bars by the end of the season? I for one can't wait to find out, because every episode of Pretty Little Liars in this final stretch is crazier than the last. 

Watch the full preview clip below and let me know what you think in the comments! 

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