'Pretty Little Liars' Renewed for Seasons 6 and 7
'Pretty Little Liars' Renewed for Seasons 6 and 7
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Good news Liars fans, you're going to be spending a whole lot more time in Rosewood. In celebration of Pretty Little Liars' fifth season premiere ABC Family has announced its flagship program will continue on for at least two more seasons.

Season six is set to air in mid-2015, while season seven will air in mid-2016. For fans of the show, this means plenty more lying, backstabbing, creepy dolls, and fabulous outfits to come. 

It's certainly not a big surprise ABC Family would take this leap for Pretty Little Liars, far and away the network's most popular show. Starting this summer, Liars is going into its fifth season, which means the possibility of sweet, sweet syndication money when the show hits 100 episodes. 

But the show is also a powerful performer for the network. In fact, the show has been the top program in its hour for females age 12 to 34 for 95 consecutive original telecasts. Pretty Little Liars also pulls ABC Family's largest audience with about 3.8 million viewers, and has a staggeringly large social media footprint. 

Liars has consistently topped the charts of most social shows, with Pretty Little Liars' themed hashtags constantly overtaking worldwide trending topics while the show airs. Recently, Liars became Instagram's top scripted television series based on total followers. Which probably explains why the show has been partnering with everyone from Aeropostale for fashion lines to car maker Audi for exclusive Snapchat content. 

"Pretty Little Liars' has taken its place in the zeitgeist and reigns supreme in pop culture," ABC Family President Tom Ascheim said in a statement. "I am glad to bring another two seasons to our audience because 'A' has a lot in store for our Liars."

So anyone looking for concrete answers on 'A's identity might want to mark the calendar for 2016. At this point the Liars might be Golden Girls age by the time they hang up their cellphones and stop reading text messages in tandem. 

Of course, this does give the show more time to really explore in depth the most burning questions. Questions like: whatever happened to Tippi the Bird? Or just how many spikes can Aria wear at one time without impaling herself? Or they could even just tell us where Mike goes when he disappears for seasons at a time. I feel like there has to be a support group for the forgotten side characters in Rosewood. 

Regardless, this is pretty great news for Pretty Little Liars fans. Looks like we'll still be speculating on the biggest mysteries, critiquing the girls' fashion statements, and wondering about 'A' well into 2016. 

What do you think? Are you excited for more Liars or were you looking forward to an actual end date? What do you want to see happen on the show in the next two seasons? Sound off in the comments! 

Pretty Little Liars season five premieres Tuesday, June 10 on ABC Family.

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