'Pretty Little Liars' Remaining Mysteries: 25 Questions the Season 4 Finale Didn't Answer
'Pretty Little Liars' Remaining Mysteries: 25 Questions the Season 4 Finale Didn't Answer
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If you bumped into a fan of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars today I hope you were gentle, as we've all had our brains melted by the season four finale. The finale was jam-packed full of answers to many long-standing series questions, as Alison finally spills on just what happened the night of her disappearance.

While the finale provided answers to many burning questions, it left us with just as many mysteries to ponder. Isn't that always the Pretty Little Liars way?

We're still left pondering the identity of 'A', but this wasn't the only big mystery raised by the episode. The season finale might have been titled "A is for Answers," but we're way too focused on all the questions.

So put on your sleuthing cap like Special Agent Hanna Marin, and let's look at all the mysteries we'll be pondering when Liars returns for season five in June: 

1. Who Exactly is in Alison's Grave?
We know Alison survived an attempted murder to go skulk off into the night and give Mona some reasonable fashion advice. (Seriously Mona, kneesocks? Who are you, Britney Spears circa 1998?) 

Yet the Rosewood police obviously found a body where Mrs. D thought she buried her daughter under the gazebo. Whose body did they find? How and why did this girl die and how did she end up in Alison's shallow grave? This is obviously going to be a driving force mystery moving into season five. 

2. Why Did Toby Get Melissa From London? 
In the finale, Melissa arrives just in time to see her family get arrested. "So, everything is just exactly the same since I left huh?" But why did Melissa return to Rosewood? Apparently because Toby went all the way to London to bring her back. Melissa said it was because of Spencer's pill addiction, but was it something more? 

Does Toby know something about the night of Alison's disappearance? Like maybe that Spencer didn't kill anyone but her sister did? After all, Toby was in the area after a conversation with Alison. And most mysterious of all, how does a humble small town carpenter and high school dropout afford to jet-set over to London instead of just picking up the phone? Is Toby really making that much bank from crafting rocking chairs? 

3. What Did Melissa Say To Mr. Hastings?
Melissa realizes her father thinks Spencer killed Alison during a period of Adderall roid rage. Then she leans forward and whispers something that shocks Mr. Hastings to his very core. Did she just admit to killing the girl found under the gazebo? 

4. What Deal Did Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings Have?
It's obvious that Mrs. D and Papa Hastings have long since struck up some kind of deal to cover something up. But what and why? We don't know, but according to Mrs. D the deal is off as soon as she learns her daughter is alive. 

5. What Does CeCe Drake Know?
Ah, CeCe Drake, we've missed you. Who else would protect the town from snakes using only a mannequin leg, like a modern day St. Patrick? CeCe claims to know whose body is buried in Alison's tomb, meaning she likely also knows who put the body in a shallow grave. 

6. What Were CeCe and Melissa Talking About the Night Alison Disappeared?
The season finale took us through Alison's last "living" night through her perspective. This means we still have no idea what was going on with Melissa, CeCe, and the NAT club. Specifically, we know CeCe and Melissa had a heated conversation the night of Alison's disappearance. But what was it about? And did it eventually lead to murder?

7. Who Bashed Alison in the Head With a Rock? 
One of the biggest mysteries of the episode involves who tried to kill Alison...the first time around, anyway. Whoever it was, Mrs. D cared enough to try to cover up the crime by burying her own daughter.

8. What's Noel Kahn's Deal?
The finale opens with Noel Kahn, who seems to disappear for long stretches of time and then return even more attractive than before. Does Noel even go to school anymore? Does anyone? Alison implies she has some dirt on Noel keeping him trustworthy, but what exactly? How does the Noel Kahn of it all fit into this puzzle?

9. How Did The Liars Get to New York?
One second they're in Philadelphia and the next second they're on a rooftop in New York. The transition is remarked upon so little that I actually completely missed it in my recap. So how did the Liars get to New York, and why are they even there? 

10. Who Does Ezra Think 'A' Is?
Ezra has a good idea who 'A' is and claims to have called the police. But no one on this show ever calls the police, so I call malarkey. Anyway, Ezra's gunshot wound stops him from imparting this important information. The one single time Ezra could be useful....

11. What's The Connection Between CeCe and Mrs. D?
Remember those clothes Ashley Marin found in Mrs. D's guest room? We next see CeCe Drake sporting the attire. So what's the connection between CeCe and Mrs. D? Was she the person CeCe was talking to during all those phone conversations? Why is Mrs. D playing personal shopper?

12. Was Mona the Person Terrorizing Alison?
Alison was being terrorized by 'A' long before her whoopsie murder. Was this 'A' Mona, or was it someone else? Did Mona just take over the 'A' reigns after Ali disappeared? Or was Mona involved all along?

13. Who Killed Mrs. D? 
Thanks to karma, Mrs. D ends up getting buried in a backyard somewhere. But just who killed Alison's crazy, creepy mama and why? 

14. What Beef Went Down Between Mrs. D and the Hastings?
Before Alison left on that fateful night, Mrs. D tells her to watch her back around the Hastings family. Why? What was going on between Jessica and the Hastings at large? "The Hastings send their regards."

15. What's Wren Up To? 
I always get suspicious when I haven't seen a creepy weirdo on this show for some time. Wren's been MIA for awhile, which usually means nothing good. What's he up to? 

16. Who Was Living in Alison's Basement?
Alison never mentioned living like a mole creature in her own basement, so the person taking advantage of the crawl space clearly wasn't her. So who was munching on Cheetos and watching the free peep show? 

17. What About Alison's Pregnancy Scare?
We learned from CeCe that Alison had a pregnancy scare with "Beach Hottie," shortly before she disappeared. Beach Hottie transitioned into Board Shorts, who turned out to be Ezra. 

Just one problem: in the Liars attempt to redeem Ezra the show did backflips to confirm they had never slept together. The same is true of Ian. So clearly Board Shorts and Beach Hottie are two separate people, leaving us to wonder who almost knocked Alison up.

18. What's Up With the NAT Club?
The NAT club was made up of sketchy perverts Chris Hansen would have done well to have on To Catch a Predator. But Ian's reaction to Alison stealing the videos makes me wonder if there  was something more to their weirdo club than just spying on underage girls. Had NAT stumbled on something big? And if so, what was it? And was it worth killing for?

19. Why did Alison Need Money? 
We've seen in several flashbacks that Alison was hitting up just about anyone and everyone for blackmail money. But after going through her list of suspects, Alison didn't seem to have any intention of running away from Rosewood. So why was she building a nest egg? Was it just to escape, or something more?

20. What's Mrs. D's Connection to Radley?
Remember that Mrs. D is on the board of Radley, the least secure sanitarium of all time. What's her connection to the most popular destination in town? 

21. Who Owns the Nightclub Where Ali Took the Liars?
Alison brushes off the liars' questions about who owns the nightclub she takes them to in New York. She only mentions that said person "travels a lot." Who could this be? And is it important? A tweet from executive producer Joseph Dougherty seems to suggest it might be.

22. Who Was Mrs. D Talking to on the Phone?
Mrs. D was talking to someone on the phone in a panic before Alison left, and she tried desperately to keep Alison in the house. Who was she talking to? Perhaps Radley, because a patient had escaped? She does mention that someone needs to be sent.

23. Will Ezra Live?
We last saw Ezra bleeding on a rooftop. If I had to put money on his chances of survival, I'd guess the failed crime novelist makes it. 

24. What Human Remains Are Left to Transform Into Fashion Accessories?
We've had a human teeth bracelet and a finger bone corset already. What could possibly be next? Big toe earrings? A pelvic bone statement necklace? And what are the odds of any of this showing up in the next Pretty Little Liars Aeropostale collection? 

25. How Will the Liars Deal With Alison Returning Full Time?
It's tough to find out your formerly dead friend is actually among the living, but when that friend is Alison DiLaurentis, things get even more complicated. Now that Alison is alive and here to stay, how will she fit back into the liars' social circle? Will she need to be Queen Bee again, or have years on the lam softened her rock-hard heart? 

So those are all my questions, now it's time to share yours! What burning questions did I miss? And do you have theories about any of the answers? Share in the comments! 

Pretty Little Liars season 5 premieres Tuesday, June 10 at 8pm on ABC Family.

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