'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Toby Doesn't Live Here Anymore
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Toby Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer continues to spiral down the rabbit hole, Aria wears an actual rabbit on her shirt for no real reason, and Dr. Sullivan works some hypno-voodoo on Emily. This hypno-psychobabble magic is initially to help Emily reframe her experience killing Nate, but turns into her worst nightmare when she falsely remembers killing Alison. Dr. Sullivan: Rosewood's worst and only psychiatrist strikes again!

Once again, the lynchpin of the episode is just training the camera on Troian Bellisario and letting her break your heart. Spencer's breakup spiral is a beauty to behold, as she just continues going more and more insane. Sane Spencer is a truly frightening creature, but off-the-deep-end Spencer is a whole different animal.

When things were going well, Spencer was the go-to girl for breaking and entering and general espionage. Now Spencer is carving Toby's name into tombstones, like a really morbid Carrie Underwood. "I dug my key into the side of his...mother's mausoleum tile!" Spencer's country music career would be so weird.

By the end of the episodes the girls are finally like "Seriously though, what is up with Spencer? There's normal breakup behavior and then there's turning into an angsty teen vampire. Who's the last one who saw her out in the sun?"

After finally letting Spencer in on the big Toby secret, the show has been steadily asking more questions about Alison's final days. While Spencer twists in the wind with her hurt feelings, the rest of the girls are going back to the main mystery of the show. Instead of hunting after 'A', they're trying to determine just what happened to Alison.

The theme of the week seemed to be unchained memories, as Emily recovered some big secrets from her psyche. Caleb also realized a big secret, but isn't ready to deal with the repercussions yet. And Spencer realized that no matter how much she wants to hold on to the Toby from her memories, perhaps he was never real to begin with.

Emily Pulls a Dexter

"You may have heard I killed a guy," says Emily Field in hands-down the best line of this or any television show, ever. That's Emily for you though. She's not making a big deal about it.  "Oh what have I been up to lately? Murder, mostly." Just super casual.

The truth is murdering Nate really is weighing on Emily, even if she's pretending otherwise. When 'A' sends Emily one of the 25 postcards she put in Alison's casket with a French note accusing her of murder, Emily finally snaps. Unfortunately, she decides to go see Dr. Sullivan to talk through her feelings about offing Nate.

Why does anyone on earth ever see Dr. Sullivan? This highly trained professional was bested by a high schooler. Even if Mona did "live in a state of hyper reality" that allowed her to travel through time and take all the letters out of all the alphabet cereal boxes in the land. Emily is obviously too trusting when it comes to people who have literally proved themselves to be useless.

So Dr. Sullivan decides to put Emily under hypnosis so she can reframe her experience killing Nate. Into what exactly? In the new version would they just have a pillow fight until Nate died of laughter? Like how is there possibly a way to feel better about shiving a guy trying to murder you? Dr. Sullivan, you are the worst.

Under hypnosis, Emily falsely remembers killing Alison. Wouldn't it be great if we found out this whole time Emily has been leading a double life? By day she's a high school student and star swimmer, by night she's a Dexter-esque serial killer. It would be like that horrible new Do No Harm show on NBC, only much better. God knows there's enough sketchy people in Rosewood for several Dexter sprees.

This leads us to a flashback of Alison and Emily flirting over postcards of France. The Alison and Emily power dynamic is so fascinating. It's both sweet and totally horrible at the same time. Alison is always aware of how Emily feels about her and gets off on the power it gives her, just as much as she does legitimately love and care about Emily. And Emily knows she can't have the relationship she wants with Alison, but all Ali has to do is throw out a few breadcrumbs of affection and she'll start planning their Paris vacation.

Once again Sasha Pieterse does a great job lifting the corners of Alison's defenses just a bit to show her fear. Ali wasn't just dreaming of sunning in Paris with Emily because it would be fun, she was dreaming of escape. But we still don't know what (or who) exactly she was trying to escape from.

As the episode ends, Emily's memories realign and she realizes she was actually remembering the night when the casket was dug up. She sees someone in a hoodie opening the casket and the ringleader of the 'A' Team: a blonde in a red coat. Vivian Darkbloom? At least someone finally mentioned what we've all been thinking: is it possible Alison is still alive?

Poor Spencer

Spencer is still having a tough time working through her Toby feelings of betrayal. Because she hasn't told the other girls that Toby was actually on the 'A' team, everyone else is just puzzled about what's happening.

But Spencer is still Spencer, which means she needs answers. She and her PI bond over flowers while he very gently prods her to move on while extorting her. On Pretty Little Liars even the creeps taking your money have opinions on your love life.

Like the old 'he loves me, he loves me not' game, Spencer is essentially playing emotional chicken with herself. She's convinced herself that if Toby has left some clue behind he might have actually cared about her. But when the PI tracks the key back to the new 'A' lair, Spencer only finds an empty room where everything was cleaned up.

Toby wasn't leaving her any clues because Toby was never on her side. Even while boxing away her memories of him, Spencer held onto hope that there was an explanation for Toby's betrayal. But like the empty room, Spencer is left with no answer and even more questions. Toby doesn't live here anymore.

Now half girl, half rage monster in a fabulous coat, Spencer shows up at Alison's new resting place in the mausoleum. But it's not to pay her final respects for the one hundredth time. It's to drop the bomb on Jason that Alison was pregnant, potentially with Wilden's baby, when she was killed.

The liars shake their heads and walk away, trying to figure out what mad, blood-sucking breakup demon has possessed Spencer and stolen all of her makeup. Meanwhile, Spencer continues creeping around the mausoleum like a gothic crazy person, scratching messages into Toby's late mother's tile.

Hello Uncle Daddy!

 Hanna dons a pair of overalls because she is all about dressing correctly for every occasion. She and Caleb go to clean out his old house where he lived before ending up in foster care. Once there his "Uncle" Jaime talks extensively to Hanna about how much it sucks when you make the wrong decisions in life and people move on without you.

"How're you doing Uncle Jaime?" "Oh fine son-- I mean Caleb! I'm certainly not your father! Nothing to see here! I just happened to have this picture of you as a six month old in my wallet, like loving uncles who have not seen their nephews in years are known to do. Again, I'm not your father," Uncle Jaime says, totally stealth.

"Hey Caleb," Hanna says to her boyfriend gently. "I think Uncle Jaime might actually be your father." "What?! LIES!" Caleb yells. Some monkey brains are getting stabbed into lockers tonight.

Aria Meets Dude Aria

Aria connects with Ezra's little brother Wesley. He's trying to get out from under the domineering thumb of his mother by getting kicked out of his elite private school. The best way he could think of? Hitting on his good looking Physics teacher and then hitting her husband in the face with a leftover pizza box. Oh my god, Wesley is the male Aria.

As you would expect, Aria is totally into this. "Tell me some more about how you tried to hook up with your teacher. I never realized how interesting and mature you are."

Meanwhile, Wesley says that Ezra managed to escape his rich family and find himself a better life with Aria.

"My mother hates you because you're unexpected," Wesley says. But I'm sure his mother also hates Aria for her fashion sense, like wearing a pair of skintight gold lame pants and a rabbit face shirt.

Also considering that Hanna was wearing a shirt with spikes on the collar this week, it's now possible Aria's fashion sense is actually contagious. Let's all be very, very careful around feather accessories from now on. If you find yourself looking at a bird and thinking about earrings, you've been infected. Seek help immediately.

Elsewhere in Rosewood...

-The picture of Detective Wilden bro-ing it out in Cape May is mysteriously missing. Also, there's no explanation still on why Emily's mother is suddenly working at the police department. Maybe she's always been in law enforcement and that's why she freaked out about Maya's weed?

- Per Jason (not the most reliable source) the police are still looking for the keepsakes from Alison's coffin. Whoever has those is likely the person responsible for digging up the grave. So Hanna wants to get rid of the evidence while Aria thinks these things always boomerang badly back into their faces.

- Mona stops by Dr. Sullivan's office to give her a orchid and thank her for all her help. Dr. Sullivan barely stops herself from crying in fear.

- 'A' is buying some liquor and getting out a license. Does that mean someone on the 'A' team is over 21?

What did you think of this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars? Are you still feeling terrible for Spencer? What did you think of Emily's new memories? And was that some chemistry between Wesley and Aria? Sound off with your theories in the comments!

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