'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Maya is Missing
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Maya is Missing
First off, I promise to you all this week that I'll remember to actually change the title of my recap. Perhaps I was just too distracted by all of the cliffhangers they packed into the closing moments last week, including a glimpse of A testing out their shot at the gun range. Is tonight the night we find out who is supposed to be on the receiving end of those bullets?

Spencer Does Some Snooping

Spencer's dad tries to throw his daughter off the scent of his possible malfeasance by giving her a fancy necklace, but she's undeterred. Melissa tells her sister about why she was in the car with Garrett, or at least what she wants Spencer to think was why she was in the car.

Then Spencer does some digging around her father's files looking back at his 2009 tax returns. It's there she discovers a check made out to cash for $15,000. The producers resist the urge to have her father catch her, but they do have Melissa walk in. However, Spencer is able to wriggle away without having to clue her in.

Aria is A

Hanna's mom meets with Detective Wilden, who insists that she confiscate her daughter's phone and get it to him. This would conceivably help him with the suspicions that she was involved in Caleb's laptop fiasco getting cleared up, but also maybe help track down A.

However, we'll never know because Hanna tosses her phone in some dishwater and storms out of her house. This marks the second time this season Hanna has utilized kitchen equipment to destroy electronics, with the first being Caleb's USB drive being run through a blender.

Mona comes up with the idea that to throw Hanna's mom off the scent, Aria (who is unanimously selected as the best liar of the group) should confess to being A and forging the police report. She carries it out somewhat convincingly, but Ashley doesn't buy it.

Signs Start Pointing to MelissA

All of the girls seem to be convinced that after seeing Melissa in the cell phone video that she was definitely involved in Allison's murder. However, Spencer still wants to protect her sister, until her dad admits to hiring a private eye to track his eldest daughter based on his suspicions of her involvement with Allison.

They also discover the gun missing from Mr. Hastings' desk, to which Melissa could have easily gotten access. Melissa also seems to be very freaked out by the police cars being at the Hastings home and quickly bolts back for the city.

Jonah makes a last-second call with an additional tip about tracking A's number. It leads the girls to Brookhaven and a doll shop eerily similar to the ones A had previously utilized. Aria puts on Vivienne's old jacket and is recognized instantly by a guy who we may know. I admit I didn't recognize him, but feel free to clue me in on the comments.

A's scavenger hunt this week adds a newspaper detailing Maya's disappearance to his or her collection of trinkets. It could signal that A is the culprit or it could just show that A likes to keep current.

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