'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Hanna is Jenna's Hero
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Hanna is Jenna's Hero
Aria has spent the last few weeks playing the roles of quite a few different people. First, it was telling Jonah that she was Allison to find out what he knew; then it was telling Hanna's mom that she was A to throw her off the scent of the danger he daughter was in; and finally she's mistaken as Vivienne Darkbloom by a stranger in Brookhaven. It seems highly likely that these false identities are going to catch up with her. Will tonight be the night?

The Fire Investigation Is Re-Opened

The girls happen to be on hand for Jenna's return to town following her eye surgery. Toby is by his sister's side, while also sneaking a lingering gaze at Spencer. The next we see the two of them is as they're walking out of the house where Jenna was blinded. Garrett is seen peeling out from the scene where the police look to be investigating the scene using the knowledge provided by Toby. Spencer fears that because of what she did to hurt Toby emotionally, that he might be willing to say whatever Jenna wants to try to get revenge.

Duncan Is a Pilot, Ezra Isn't Taking the Job and Holden Is History

Remember just a couple weeks ago when Aria was getting chummy with her human alibi, Holden? Well, Holden has been missing in action ever since his intense karate match. Aria seems to be entangled with a new boy named Duncan. It turns out he was the guy last week that recognized Vivienne's coat on Aria. He takes her up in his plane (because owning a bookstore these days is a license to print money, after all) where they discuss what they know about Allison/Vivienne's death.

And the other member of the Aria triangle, Ezra, is going toe-to-toe with Aria's dad about his attempts to make his daughter's forbidden beau leave town. Is it starting to feel like the writers are just throwing any warm-bodied actor toward Aria to see who sticks?

Jason's House Explodes

Hanna goes back to Jason's house to retrieve some of Allison's old stuff to re-examine it for clues when she hears some rustling and smells smoke. Jenna is inside and trapped inside after colliding with the door. Hanna is forced to save her despite their history of animosity; Jenna is bewildered when Toby tells her who is responsible for saving her life.

It's possible that this good deed could introduce a new era of cooperation between Jenna, Hanna and the rest of the girls. Spencer's mom is a leading suspect for the arsonist in my eyes after she told Spencer earlier in the episode how determined she is to bury the secret of Jason's true parents.

The closing scene of the ballerina spinning around the music box provided a creepy conclusion to a loaded episode. Allison seems to have left a good deal of research left behind that the girls are getting closer to deciphering. A's parting shot this week shows him or her placing a police badge in some shrubbery. Presumably, this is an attempt to frame someone for the fire at Jason's house. Where do you think the badge was being placed and why?

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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