'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A' Shows Their Handy Side
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A' Shows Their Handy Side
Last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars culminated with a shot of A's customarily gloved hand tightening or loosening a bolt, with little to go on as to why. This week, we learn that it was an act of some impressive foresight by the villain in their attempt to inflict harm on the girls' loved ones. Plus, as per usual, there will be a solid 10 minutes of Aria and Ezra angst to help pad out that 40 minute runtime.

Jenna's back in town.

Mona started getting annoyed with Hanna's lack of interest in her relationship last week, and it finally came to a head tonight. The two eventually smooth things over and make plans to go out to a club together. Unbeknownst to the two of them, however, Jenna is hiding in the bathroom stall listening to the entire exchange.

The bathroom setting is interesting considering that last week Hanna was sent a message using the bathroom sink, presumably from A. It still seems far too on the nose for the big secret to really be that Jenna or the other likely suspects to wind up being A, but that's the direction the writers are constantly pointing.

Spencer martyrs her relationship with Toby.

A's carpentry work last week turned out to be loosening the scaffolding of Toby's work site, causing him to fall off of it and break his arm. The girls have difficulty believing that Jenna would be capable of doing something like that against a member of her own family, but that doubt is pretty quickly brushed aside.

Jenna visits Toby at the hospital and reiterates her feelings that her step-brother should stop associating with Spencer and her friends. He refuses, but Spencer makes the decision for him by sending Emily in to tell him about there being someone else and that they'd have to break up. Even though it's true there's someone else, it's more likely this is another attempt by Spencer to shield Toby from A's wrath by disassociating with him. Toby leaves town upon his release from the hospital, but leaves his truck behind, so he couldn't have gotten far.

Caleb is all in.

Caleb is able to unscramble another segment of the video that was on A's phone, but once he tells Hanna about it, she reacts by throwing the USB drive into the blender. It's not until later in the episode we learn that he saved the files and wants to dig deeper into the mystery that he was thrust into. However, that requires him to get in cahoots with the girls behind Hanna's back. They regretfully agree and get to see what Caleb uncovered: the final moments of Allison's life.

The final scene is A burning pictures of Ezra that were snapped while he and Aria were kissing in the rain. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher that this means he's the next target for A's non-lethal wrath. A talks a pretty big game, but they never really seem capable of putting somebody away. This episode had some decent progression in the main storyline, but it really didn't provide much that couldn't have been ascertained from watching the commercials promoting it.

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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