'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: A is Locked and Loaded
'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: A is Locked and Loaded
Hanna has to deal with the fallout of A's mass texting a naked picture of Kate to everyone in the school. But that may prove to be the least of anyone's worries after A was seen stealing a gun out of Spencer's father's desk. Imagine the tension that could be achieved in light of that development if the girls were to get trapped somewhere this week.

Truth Up!

Low and behold, there's a school-sanctioned lock-in that will keep the entire student body there overnight. The idea behind it is to give students the opportunity to air their grievances and get the truth out in the open. The students are separated out into groups, which turns out to be very convenient.

Hanna is forced to be paired with Kate, and Emily squares off against the vice principal. But the juiciest room by far is the one where Aria and Caleb are surrounded by Jenna and Allison's long-lost brother, Jason. Not surprisingly, this is the setting where A makes another communication, by threatening Aria with divulging Holden's drug-fueled secrets.

Waves of Ancillary Storylines

Mona apparently went to the same school as Caleb in the fine arts of technological espionage. She invades the vice principal's computer to discover that he's got a bias towards football players and is unfairly punishing Emily. Meanwhile, Jason continues to try to hunt down Spencer's dad for a mysterious reason. Allison gave a clue as to what the reason might be, but it's not until later we learn that Jason is really related to Spencer.

Then, Hanna is able to spot a distinctive birthmark on Kate's stomach that was not in the photo sent to the school. Kate is confronted and reveals that she was trying to get out ahead of the story before Spencer inevitably released the photos she had. Of course, a conversation in a bathroom is always going to be grounds for eavesdropping and this was no different. Aria and Emily record Kate's confession and have the ammunition to vindicate Hanna.

Is Holden a Secret Superhero?

Aria goes looking for Caleb around school, but inadvertently stumbles into the most ominous scene imaginable between Noel and Jenna plotting in the dark. She continues her search up to the school's roof, where she is quick to discover that she's not alone and locked out from getting back inside. She attempts to climb a ladder to get away from her perceived attacker, but Holden saves the day by delivering a spinning heel kick right to the guy's ribs. There appears to be a lot to still be uncovered about who Holden really is.

The story of Allison's alter ego, Vivienne, continues to unravel around a phone number discovered in a raincoat. Emily is on the receiving end of six phone calls from the mystery number, who finally agrees to exchange questions with her, but not over the phone. A's parting shot for this week involves them stealing another key item. This time, it's Caleb's computer and all of the secrets it potentially houses.

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