'Pretty Little Liars' Question: Is Aria on Her Way to Radley?
'Pretty Little Liars' Question: Is Aria on Her Way to Radley?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The premiere of Pretty Little Liars season 5 was full of shocking twists and turns. Ezra nearly died, a gaggle of 'A's terrorized the girls in New York City, and, oh yea, Aria Montgomery accidentally killed Shana.

This is a huge step for Aria, who is normally located well on the outside of big, dangerous stories like this one. Usually while Emily is being chopped in half by elevators and Spencer is being steamed to death in her own shower, Aria is trying to decide what boy she wants to date. There was one whole half-season where her biggest problem was how to clean a red wine stain. Things have certainly changed, for the worse, for Aria. 

While things might be tough for the character, it's nice to have Aria right in the thick of things instead of off in a separate subplot worrying about her love life. While Ezra not being 'A' might have been something of a cop-out, it has still had interesting reverberations for the arc of Aria's character, and for her storyline potential in the future. 

Killing Shana was one hundred percent self defense and clearly an accident (who knew a two foot drop is the only deadly fall in Rosewood?), but it's still sure to affect Aria in a real way. After all, Emily was left reeling when she killed Nate in self-defense. 

So below are just a few of our guesses for how Aria will deal with her recent brush with murder:

Aria Goes to Radley

Pretty much everyone in the whole town has spent some quality time at Radley Sanitarium. Mona practically has her own wing of creepy dolls and hidden board game passageways. Alison may or may not have walked into Radley whenever she pleased. Spencer spent her time at Radley solving mysteries, because she's on the job even during mental breakdowns. 

After killing Shana, perhaps Aria too is on her way to Radley. I feel like Aria would love Radley once she got used to it. While the other girls deal with Mona and the new 'A', Aria could spend her time on arts and crafts, making giant feather earrings and bedazzling every single article of clothing she owns. 

Aria Goes Dexter

What if Aria liked the rush of killing someone? What if she just discovered her own "dark passenger?" Suddenly, the girls' worst enemies begin to mysteriously go missing. Aria begins wearing a lot of plastic ponchos and black leather gloves, and she buys a boat, and everyone starts getting concerned. 

The police would call her the Rosewood Butcher, and her calling card would be the giant statement necklace she always leaves at the scene of the crime. She would eventually make a mistake and leave an Aria nameplate necklace, but because the Rosewood PD is so incompetent, they would still never catch her. 

Aria Reconnects with Ezra

There's nothing like a little murder to make you reevaluate your priorities in life right? Perhaps after what happened in New York, Aria will reconsider her stance on her former lying lover. I mean sure, Ezra targeted her, used her, and lied to her for years. But after you've killed someone, isn't it all relative? Maybe this event will be the catalyst for Aria finally finding it in her heart to forgive Ezra his transgressions. 

Aria Confesses

Perhaps the weight of what happened to Shana will wear Aria down. After all, they say confession is good for the soul. Maybe Aria will walk into the police department, find Holbrook, and tell him what happened. 

Welcome to Orange is the New Aria! While the girls finish high school, Aria navigates the underground eyeliner ring at Rosewood Correctional. She soon becomes known for her ability to make giant earrings out of any object. Still, considering how comfortable these girls are with lying, I doubt Aria will come clean. 

Aria Gets Over Killing Someone Remarkably Fast

After a little soul-searching and some dark days of wearing sweatpants, Aria emerges from her murder experience more or less as she was before.  Once upon a time, Aria did kung-fu CeCe off a 30 foot drop and didn't seem to spend much time obsessing about it later. Aria might go through a minor funk, but then pull herself together when one of the liars needs her expert help with a wine stain. 

What do you think? How do you think Aria will react to killing Shana? Sound off in the comments! 

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