'Pretty Little Liars' Mystery: Who Tried to Kill Alison?
'Pretty Little Liars' Mystery: Who Tried to Kill Alison?
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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It's been a whole week since Pretty Little Liars blew our mind with the season four finale. Season five doesn't start until June, and some of us Liars obsessives are already starting to get the shakes like Spencer coming off an Adderall bender.

So instead of focusing on how much we need our PLL fix, we're instead delving into one of the finale's biggest mysteries: just who in the world tried to kill Alison DiLaruentis? 

The finale gave us a ton of information about that fateful night in September when Alison disappeared into an open grave and then out of Rosewood. But the biggest question even Ali couldn't answer: who in Rosewood is out for her blood? Ali was bashed in the back of the head, leaving her unable to point the finger at her assailant. 

The only one who did know was Mrs. DiLaurentis, but she ended up buried in the same way she tried to dispose of her daughter's body. So I don't think she'll be telling us much next season, unless she returns as a ghost to silently judge our fashion sense. 

That leaves us with a whole lot of questions, only a few suspects, and a lot to ponder until season five begins. Here are seven candidates for Alison's would-be murderer:

Jason DiLaurentis

This one is hands-down the most obvious choice, which leads me to believe it won't end up being Jason. However, the facts strongly point in his direction. Who else would Mrs. DiLaurentis care about so much that she would cover for his crimes? For who else would Mrs. D risk burying her own daughter (alive! way to check for a pulse lady) rather than turn into the police?

Jason has a sketchy record as a member of the NAT club and has already taken pictures of Aria. He and Alison had a contentious relationship, especially after Ali got him written out of grandma's will. Mrs. D and Mr. Hastings had a mysterious deal in place, and which could have been to protect the half-Hastings Jason. After all, Mrs. D did advise Alison to watch her back with the Hastings. 

Lastly, he was totally drunk the night of her disappearance and could even have bashed her over the head by mistake. She was wearing a similar outfit to his ex-girlfriend CeCe, who he also had a contentious relationship with.

The biggest clue that it's Jason is obviously Mrs. D's willingness to cover up the crime. But in that case, would he really have killed mommy dearest? 

Mr. DiLaurentis

It's been a long, long time since Alison's dad was in the picture. Is it because he accidentally (or purposefully) killed his daughter? Perhaps he mistook Alison for CeCe? It seems like a long-shot given how little we've seen of him on the show, but it at least aligns with the idea that Mrs. D would cover for him. And it would certainly explain their acrimonious divorce. 

Melissa Hastings

It seems more likely that Melissa Hastings put the girl who would become Alison's replacement body in the ground than Alison herself. However, perhaps protecting Melissa was part of the deal between Mrs. D and Papa Hastings? Seems tenuous at best, but you never know.

CeCe Drake

CeCe and Alison had a very weird relationship, one Mrs. D didn't really approve of. So why would Mrs. D cover for her? I have no idea, but Mrs. D was definitely buying CeCe clothes while she was on the run. 

Mona Vanderwaal 

Never count Mona out when it comes to murder and destruction. Mona seemed all too happy to give Ali a new identity and send her off on her merry way. Perhaps she blackmailed Mrs. D somehow into helping her cover up the crime? 

Sara Harvey

Remember Sara Harvey, the blonde girl who disappeared around the same time as Alison did? Hanna and the girls ruled her out as the body under the gazebo because she was apparently seen after Labor Day. But perhaps that's because she was the one who tried to kill Alison? Maybe she has some kind of as-yet unknown connection to the DiLareuntis family? Anything is possible on Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler alert for those who don't want to know anything about the Pretty Little Liars book series!

That Twin Theory

While the producers have come out on record saying they're not going to follow the Courtney/Allison reveal of the book series, they've already lied about pretty much everything else. Remember when Toby and Ezra were definitely 'A'? Plus they've already shown a willingness to follow the books before by making Mona the first person revealed to be on the 'A' team. 

Besides, there have been tons of twin references throughout the series since the early seasons. Twins are pretty much everywhere you turn in Rosewood, perhaps to foreshadow the reveal to come.

However, maybe they're going to tweak the twin reveal so it's not just like it was in the book. What if Mrs. DiLaruentis or Jason has a twin? What if this twin spent most of their time in Radley and only escaped the night of Alison's disappearance? It would explain why Radley board member Mrs. D would be so desperate on the phone to get someone sent out. 

What do you think? What are your wildest theories on who tried to kill Alison? And do you think the person who tried to kill Ali and 'A' are the same? Share your theories in the comments! 

Pretty Little Liars season 5 premieres Tuesday, June 10 at 8pm on ABC Family.

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