'Pretty Little Liars' Mysteries: 32 Unexplained Questions That Have Nothing to Do With 'A'
'Pretty Little Liars' Mysteries: 32 Unexplained Questions That Have Nothing to Do With 'A'
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're still reeling from the revelations in Pretty Little Liars summer finale. While the finale just might have revealed the identity of the liars main tormentor, it also presented way more mysteries for us to ponder.

Frankly, I think we've all been so shocked by the idea Ezra might be 'A' that we've missed a lot of other big questions. Season 4a has raised many mysteries and answered only a precious few. 

So let's take a few minutes from debating whether Ezra is 'A' and turn our eyes to some of the biggest mysteries lingering while we wait for the next half of season four. 

1. Is Alison Really Alive? 
The 'A' reveal was so shocking I think we all kind of just skimmed over the very major fact that Alison might just be alive. Mrs. Grunwald verifies this fact by explaining how she pulled Alison out of her earth-filled grave. So what about the body they found confirmed to be Alison? Of course, Alison managed to fit a whole lifetime into the few hours before her "death," so perhaps after fleeing Mrs. Grunwald's car she got murdered again? Seems unlikely. Which leaves us with the question: if they didn't find Alison's body, whose did they find? 

2. Why Did Hanna Take That Book?
In 'A's lair of creepiness and meticulous storyboarding, Hanna lifts a blue diary off a table and slips it casually into her pocket. What was in the diary and why did she take it before the other girls could see it? 

3. Is Ezra The Best Or Worst Stalker Ever? 
If Ezra really is 'A' and has access to high-tech surveillance technology, just how stupid is he not to have gotten a DNA test on Malcolm? What kind of evil mastermind is outsmarted by the Maury Povich show? 

4. Who Was Watching The Liars?
As they poke around 'A's super-swank liar, an eyeball watches them from a creepy painting in the wall. Just who was watching them? Was it Ezra? Was it CeCe? Is that where Tippy the Bird has been hiding? 

5. How Did Alison Find Out About Mrs. Grunwald?
"Hey sorority sisters! Anyone know of a good psychic who might be able to foretell my death?" 

6. What's Mona Up To?
'A' threatens Mona's life in the finale, but when Toby finds her she's just hanging out on a porch knitting like an 80-year-old woman. What's she planning? How does she know Shana? And was she the one who used knitting needles to nearly impale Aria? 

7. Is Jenna Alive?
No seriously, what's going on with Jenna? Our last image of her was floating face-down in a lake. We know she's in the hospital but not much else, although I'm assuming she's OK if she's letting Shana borrow her super sweet ride. 

8. How Is Shana Involved In All This? 
Shana went from working at the Halloween store, to showing up in Ravenswood, to being everywhere at all times. Now she has ties not just to Jenna but to Melissa and Wren? What's her play here? 

9. Are Jenna and Shana Together?
Shana has been working as Jenna's seeing-eye person, but is it just puppy love or are they actually together?

10. How Are There So Many Lesbians in Rosewood But No Gays?
Seriously, just one gay guy would help make it a bit more balanced. Maybe Mike's gay? Hanging out at the local gay clubs could be what he's up to while everyone constantly ignores him. 

11. Speaking of Mike, Is He Back For Good Or Will He Disappear Again? 
Sure, Mike has temporarily returned to us from the great beyond where Pretty Little Liars characters disappear when they're no longer useful. But there's no guarantees he'll stick around for long. I hope you packed your game boy Mike, we might not see you for awhile. 

12. Dude, Where Is Lucas?
Remember Lucas? What's up with that guy? 

13. Why Does Ravenswood Have A Bus From The 1960s?
I get that Ravenswood is a creepy town, but it looked like Caleb was getting into a bus to go back in time. 

14. Was Melissa Really Protecting Spencer?
When Melissa was disposing of those creepy masks of her face, she told sister Spencer she was just trying to protect her and that's been her goal all along. Is that even possible given how much creepy stuff has occurred around Melissa? 

15. Is Melissa Back With Wren?
Seriously, how many ex-boyfriends who have hooked up with her sister will Melissa get back together with? Have some self-respect girl! You're gorgeous, you have great hair, and you're terrifying: you can do better. 

16. Who Is Wren Working For?
Mona? Melissa? Ezra? There's something not quite right about "downtown grabby." 

17. Is CeCe Alive?
We saw CeCe fall after an epic battle with Aria, but then she disappeared while the girls were all hugging it out. Where did she go? How did she pull herself out of the warehouse with a broken leg without anyone noticing? How many formerly dead people need to casually stroll out while the liars have a heartfelt moment before they start handcuffing corpses to make sure they don't shamble out when their backs are turned?

18. What Happened To Toby's Mother?
Was Toby's mother murdered? And if so, why? Also will this storyline ever resolve because man, it is dragging.

19. How Did Emily Get Kidnapped That Easily?
Seriously, wouldn't she have screamed? Did 'A' pull a Dexter and drug her? How did Spencer and Hanna completely miss someone dragging their friend off? How did the rest of the crowd? Come on, magicians aren't that interesting. 

20. How Many Vests Do Emily and Paige Own?
Do you think they coordinate before they go to school? "I'm wearing my denim vest today, you wear your leather one!" "Ok, but one of us needs to be wearing plaid!" 

21. Whatever Happened To That Hot Academic Decathlon Guy?
I miss him.

22. Who Is The Other Red Coat?
We found out one Red Coat was CeCe, but who was donning the other red coat? The most obvious choice is Alison, but Pretty Little Liars doesn't always go for obvious.

23. Will Aria Break Up With Jake?
He went to a hoedown for her! He also taught her to become Jackie Chan after approximately two martial arts classes. Poor Jake. 

24. Who Killed Wilden?
If Ashley didn't do it, was CeCe the one who pulled the trigger? Or was it someone else entirely? We never did learn who killed Wilden.

25. Will Jason Ever Return?
And when he does, how funny would it be if he were played by a completely different actor and no one mentioned it?

26. Who Was Living in Alison's Basement?
Could it have been Alison herself? Her mother did seem to be distressingly casual about a squatter camping in her basement eating junk food. 

27. What Was 'A' Doing With Emily's X-Rays?
Did 'A' mess with Emily's x-ray results? What if Emily's injury isn't as career-ending as she thinks?

28. What's Going On With Ella?
Did Ella ever go out of town with her hot boyfriend? I remember she got attacked by bees and I think that's the last we saw of her. Did she take a plane from the hospital and Aria just forgot to say goodbye?

29. Why Aren't Spencer's Parents Ever Home At The Same Time?
Are they the same person, like Superman and Clark Kent? 

30. How Does The NAT Club Fit Into Everything?
The NAT club members have been dropping like flies, but why? How many people were in the club, what exactly were they doing, and how does it tie to 'A' and Alison? 

31. How Many More Skills Does Spencer Have?
She knows everything about Game of Thrones, can speak French, pick locks, blackmail mental health professionals, and now she can also do magic? She's making the rest of us muggles look bad. 

32. Who Is Board Shorts?
Who was the mysterious older guy Alison was having an affair with? Wilden? Wren? Ezra? Someone else entirely? If they were organic, free-trade hemp board shorts than it was definitely Ezra. Unfortunately, we're no closer to the identity of the beach hottie than we were before this season began.

What do you think? Do you have the answers to any of the above questions? Want to guess? Leave your theories in the comments while we all deal with this terrible hiatus! 

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