'Pretty Little Liars': Is Ezra 'A' or Just a Pawn in 'A's' Master Plan?
'Pretty Little Liars': Is Ezra 'A' or Just a Pawn in 'A's' Master Plan?
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The allusion that Ezra is 'A' has been a main focus of the second half of Pretty Little Liars season 4. With the season coming to an end fans can pretty much expect another big reveal. It has been the PLL way since the show began.

At the end of season 4A fans learned that Ezra could very well be 'A'. As I mentioned above that has continued with 4B. However as any Pretty Little Liars fan knows, nothing is ever what it seems with this show. That being said I am going to make the bold statement that Ezra is simply a pawn in 'A's' master plan against the girls. 

Since Ezra told Aria about his book I have been thinking that 'A,' or someone on the 'A' team, is actually making it appear like Ezra is 'A.' Yes there have been many times this season where it would be easy to think he was the one behind the creepy messages. For example, remember when Spencer and Hannah were about to enter his apartment but Spencer spotted the camera in the vent? Fans saw Ezra clearly watching them, totally explainable. He could have hidden that camera to see if 'A' showed up at his place or he could have hidden it to monitor who came to his place. Maybe he knows he is being set up or he was trying to protect Aria. 

If you think about it most of the things that have made Ezra seem like 'A' can now be explained because he is writing his novel. The apartment in Ravenswood with all the info on the girls could very well have been where he was keeping all his research for the novel. It is not like he could be keeping it at his apartment in Rosewood, especially since he is romancing Aria. Remember though it hasn't even been confirmed that the apartment belongs to Ezra, it's just insinuated. 

I do admit Ezra has done a lot of lurking and watching the girls. It is very creepy and certainly doesn't make him look good. But again, if it is all research for his novel then it is a little more justifiable. Plus, if you think about it, all his lurking makes it easier for 'A' to set him up so to speak. He's the perfect pawn in 'A's' master plan. 

You may be asking yourself, well what about the scene where Mona went to see Ezra in his classroom and closed the door? Just another persuasion to make Ezra look like 'A.' Fans didn't see them talking so for all we know he could have wanted to talk to Mona alone about her relationship with Aria's brother Mike. Seriously, just because his relationship with Aria started out as research doesn't mean he can't have feelings for her. There are some real feelings there on his part. 

All of the above are reason enough to bring to doubt that Ezra is 'A' but the best reason is very simple. It is Pretty Little Liars, nothing is ever black and white or what is appears to be. The situation with Ezra is the exact same. Yes, someone has to be 'A' but it isn't Ezra--he is just 'A's' pawn. 

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