'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Let the Games Begin
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Let the Games Begin
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Remember when the most intense thing on Pretty Little Liars was that whole "pushing Ian from the bell tower" thing? Compared to tonight's episode, consider that an episode of Barney & Friends. Seriously, after this I can barely even remember who Ian is...

This mid-season finale had everything it needed to have: romance, a deadly game and, most importantly, answers.

Only Pretty Little Liars can make dirt look chic. The episode began in the liars' second home: the police station. The girls are wearing party dresses, but covered in dirt. (Prediction: hundreds of impressionable young pre-teens will be rocking the "dirt" look by tomorrow.) Officer Wilden is back and working with Garrett, making them the least likeable police duo...ever. 

The liars are now the primary suspects in Ali's murder, but why? The episode jumps back and forth through time as it unravels the juicy events leading up to the ending. Ten hours earlier, the girls only had Dr. Sullivan to worry about. The doctor is most certainly out. 

Meanwhile, Maya is back from rehab... but only "as friends" for now. But, the most important Maya moment, perhaps, was Hanna's comment on her boots: "Are those this season?" Hmm, I wonder if they have any relation to the mysterious Tory Burch boots ordered by "A" earlier this season. Maya, Maya pants on fire? 

But Maya is all but forgotten once the girls get their latest package from A, a wooden box reading, "open or she dies" in an ominous red font. Inside are three dolls that give Chucky a run for his money, one each for Aria, Spencer and Hanna (but none for Emily...yet.) The girls must follow the dolls' commands, or else Dr. Sullivan will die. Whoever said A doesn't like to have some fun was sorely mistaken. Here's a breakdown of A's evil plan:

Make Jackie Go Away

Aria's task is to get Jackie out of the picture by exposing the fact that a paper she wrote was plagiarized. However, Jackie turns the tables on Aria by upping her ante, and threatening to reveal Aria and Ezra elicit relationship. Jackie has a mission: get Ezra back, and it looks like despite A and Aria's best efforts, she isn't going anywhere.

Stop the Wedding

For Hanna, it's all about family. A forces her to stop her dad's wedding to Isabel. After last week's vomit-on-dress/evil Kate debacle, Hanna is on thin ice already. But, it's a matter of life and death, so at the last minute Hanna tells Isabel that her dad "hooked up" with her mom. Awkward.

On a positive note, Caleb is back in town and cuter than ever, and put Kate in her place by telling her she had back fat. Go, Caleb! 

Keep Toby Safe

The only way to keep Toby safe is for Spencer to stay away. Spencer cuts the chord, leaving them both heartbroken. This is really one of the only times we've seen Spencer vulnerable, and she breaks down and sobs as Wren watches. Turns out, Wren was just waiting to get his hands on Spencer, and kisses her. Poor timing, Wren. Poor timing. 

I'm Taking You to Her...Go Alone

Don't worry, Emily got a doll of her very own. As she was driving to the wedding, she got GPS-jacked by A who led her to a barn. Once there, Emily was locked inside and left alone with a running car. After passing out from the carbon monoxide, Emily is dragged out of the barn by someone in boots (hmm...) and then she meets Alison in a dream sequence. They share a kiss and Ali admits that she knows who A is but can't tell Emily because: "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." (yay, theme song!)

When the other liars arrive at the barn, Emily is fine, but there's suddenly a shovel with GPS coordinates leaning on the door. The girls believe Dr. Sullivan was buried alive, and they race to get her out in time. Kudos on their awesome knowledge of coordinates, huh?

Gotcha! Turns out, the whole thing was a trap. Dr. Sullivan was safe and sound, and the girls are cornered by the cops with the shovel... conveniently Ali's murder weapon. The girls were caught red-handed, or, you know, with a shovel that they would have had to have taken out of evidence after already having killed Ali with it over a year ago. Not the best frame job, but it did the trick, leading to quite a bit of drama at the station:

1) Aria calls Ezra, sobbing, and he arrives only to find the parents. Ella threatens that she knows about his relationship, but ironically believes he's been with Spencer, not Aria. 

2) Jason and Mr. Hastings have a heated confrontation, and Jason threatens to spill the beans about something that Mrs. Hastings doesn't know about! Do I smell an affair? Maybe even with Alison herself? 

3) Toby comes after Spencer revealing he doesn't care about her lies, and that he loves her. Aww, poor Toby.

But the biggest reveal of the night comes from Jenna and Garrett, as they celebrate their elaborate plot against the girls. They basically admit to everything from the doll plan, to forging Ian's suicide note to murdering Alison. Finally, some answers!

Luckily we still have plenty of questions to mull over until Pretty Little Liars returns. In the last scene, Dr. Sullivan is shown alive and well at a diner with a gloved figure with "pretty eyes." Sullivan was in on the whole thing, and receives payment in the form of an envelope. 

What's in the envelope? Who is this "pretty eyes?" How is this person connected to Garrett and Jenna? Are all of these people A, or do they have different agendas? Will the girls be cleared of their murder charges?

While we may not get definitive answers until the winter, we don't have to wait that long to see our favorite liars. The Pretty Little Liars Halloween event is right around the corner, and everyone knows a liar's favorite holiday is Halloween. Happy Haunting, A!

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