'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A Family A-ffair
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A Family A-ffair
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The episode starts with one of the liars' weekly pow-wows about A, and speak of the devil, they receive a gift basket from their BFF. Don't say A never gave you anything, girls. Seems the one-lettered villain has been taking a break from her boot-ordering ways, and she didn't even manage to give them good candy. In true A style she leaves a note saying, "What fun. Two little liars under one roof. You're making it so easy. -A"

The two liars she's referring to are, of course, Emily and Hanna. They became roomies when Em's parents moved to Texas, and it's just one big happy sleepover. Except not. Turns out Emily is into studying, and Hanna is more into studying fashion magazines and the inside of Caleb's mouth. But of course, Emily prefers the Marin household more than the cardboard box she would be living in ... or, god forbid, the state of Texas, so beggars can't be choosers.

Meanwhile, in Hanna-land, she  learns about Caleb's criminal past. I mean, duh. This is the guy who was hired to spy on you just a little while ago, so I'm not really getting how this is earth-shattering news. Nonetheless, Hanna's gotta secret. Can she keep it? 

Aria has a secret too, her little brother has been taking cops and robbers a little too literally and her parents are as clueless as ever. They throw a "we're back together" party, and invite one random neighborhood couple, Ezra Fitz and Jason DeLaurentis. It's like they don't even have to try to make Aria's life awkward. In the middle of dinner, the cops show and tell the Montgomerys that Mike was caught breaking and entering, so they rush off and leave Aria all alone in a convenient little love triangle (the other couple vanished, apparently.) 

Ezra is clearly jealous of Jason, especially since the night was supposed to be a baby step in telling Aria's parents about their relationship. However, when the lamp that Jenna made in pottery class a few weeks ago turns up, Aria quickly sends both suitors away. 

In another part of town, Jenna's notoriously misunderstood stepbrother, Toby, is doing some construction work for the Hastings since he is no longer forbidden fruit. However, Toby digs up more than just dirt, and finds a broken piece of an old field hockey stick that looks suspiciously like a murder weapon. Mr. Hastings freaks when he sees it, and quickly takes it from him. When Toby tells Spencer, she immediately flashes back to an afternoon with Ali, and realizes that the hockey stick was in her possession at the time of the murder. What's worse is that Mr. Hastings thinks that Spencer is simply planting it for more attention. Poor girl can never catch a break. 

As a side note, the pretty little parents play an important role in this episode. Hanna's parents are getting back together. Aria's threw the "party" (read: excuse to have Jason and Ezra at the same event.) Spencer's dad is acting just plain shady now that he has suddenly become a central character. Most importantly, Ella and Ashley are finally starting to catch on that their daughters are probably being terrorized. They also finally admit that it was a horrible plot device idea to separate the liars, and they blame it on Mr. Hastings, and how he always "buys off problems"

But, Mr. Hastings can't buy off every problem. For example, he can't fix the fact that his daughter seems to trust Officer "in cahoots with Jenna" Garrett. At the end of the episode Spencer gets into Garrett's car and almost reveals her most recent theory of Ali's murder, but is stopped just in time with a text from Aria. Aria learned that Garrett is working with Jenna after she confronted Mike about the lamp and he said he took it from Garrett's place...not Jenna's.

Meanwhile, A is concocting yet another plan, this time with a mysterious drug-filled syringe that she empties into some sort of bottle. I wonder if this has anything to do with the great boot plan from last week, or if this is an entirely different treachery. It's simply too hard to tell with A, so we'll just have to tune in again next week.

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