'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In this week's episode four gorgeous gals strut their stuff in designer duds that are simply to die for (pun intended), a phenomenon which occurs essentially every week on PLL. But this time, it's in an organized fashion, as the girls promise the grieving Mrs. DeLaurentis that they'll be a part of the annual fashion show that their deceased pal loved so much...but more on that later.

After last week's chill-inducing revelations, the show took a nice step back this week and focused mostly on the liars themselves. In fact, for most of the episode I almost forgot about all of that A business and the girls seemed to do that as well.

Aria: Someone's getting awfully cozy with the elder DeLaurentis sib. With Ezra out of the picture this episode, Jason is eager to take his place as the man in Aria's life. She tries to push him about the night of Ali's murder and his alleged "blackout," but he's having none of that. He just wants to live in Rosewood and put his life back together, and I'm guessing it sure wouldn't hurt if he had Aria's shoulder to lean on. But can she trust him?

Spencer: ... Mr. Hastings doesn't seem to think so. In fact, he's been having yelling matches with Mrs. DeLaurentis and expressly banned Spencer  from seeing Jason. Jason is sketchy, and as Spencer notes, "you don't paper over your windows unless you're a vampire." (So Jason is a vampire, and Ian was a zombie. This show is getting a bit supernatural.) So, Spencer can't see yet another bad boy...sensing a pattern here? 

Speaking of forbidden fruit, Toby was finally back this episode and he and Spence are cuter than ever. Almost as cute as...

Emily: ...Emily getting all jealous and territorial about Samara (whose face looks astoundingly similar to Amanda Bynes') Meanwhile Emily's suddenly supportive mom is longing for her MIA husband, and Emily suggests that she head to Texas without her and have Emily join in the summer. By the end of the episode, mom agrees to this plan, and Emily gets to shack up with her bestie, Hanna...

Hanna: ...who is also experiencing some family drama. Hefty Hanna is being a Hostile Hanna...to her dad at least. But dad seems to be sticking around for the time being, and who can blame him when his ex-wife still looks super hot in a red dress. On the Caleb front, Hanna has finally managed to forgive and forget and they share a romantic stroll home from the fashion show.

Material Girls:

The major event of the episode is the fashion show of course, and something was bound to go wrong... because if not I would have started thinking this was an episode of The Brady Bunch or something. 

Mrs. DeLaurentis pleaded with the girls to wear some dresses that Ali picked out before her death, and though they find this a bit eerie, they relent. They're also in charge of creating of photo montage of Ali for her tribute. Mona is power hungry, and takes charge of the event, driving Spencer (and us) up the walls There's also a cute moment where the pretty big liars (the moms) sit together and talk, and it's almost like a glimpse into the future. 

When Spencer hands the disc with the photos to the tech guy he gives her a chance to take a final look, but she okays it...famous last words. The slideshow takes a turn for the hellish, and shows Ali's photo  up in flames calling her an evil bitch. Which, let's be honest, she totally was. But still, her family was in the audience. 

This move has A written all over it, literally. A leaves the girls a little note on screen (she seems to be loving projectors these days.) She tells them, "My dresses, my game, my rules. -A" And in case that weren't enough, A makes her signature initial out of lit candles, making it pretty definite that A was in attendance at the fashion show... or at the very least, behind the scenes. 

When Aria goes backstage to pack up her product placed tresemme stash, she runs into Noel who returns the CD. Jason intervenes and breaks the CD into many pieces, as he surely would have liked to do with Noel's face. It's the knowing look in Noel's eye that gives me the creeps. Or perhaps he's just a red herring. 

Either way, something is definitely fishy here, and it doesn't seem very coincidental at all that Mona and Noel were caught canoodling in past episodes, and they suddenly both have backstage access to the fashion show. Curious. 

But not quite as curious as what A is up to buying boots at the end of the episode. Something tells me she's not simply keeping her wardrobe up to date for the fall. Those boots are most certainly made for walking.

Burning Questions:

What are Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DeLaurentis fighting about?

What is Noel's deal?

Is Jason good or evil? (like his sis, apparently) 

Will Aria and Jason ever hook up?

Is A going to give the girls the boot?

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