'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: From A to Z
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: From A to Z
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Ding Dong, Ian is dead, and the mystery of Ali's murder is finally solved. So everything should be back to normal in Rosewood right? ... Right? Wrong. Turns out Ian had been dead for at least a week, meaning that A has been impersonating him. 

Thanks to the 21st century, the girls got a snapshot of the "suicide letter." Everyone is reeling over seeing the dead body, and who can blame them? The good news is, their names are cleared and their trial separation has officially ended. Unfortunately, A is finally starting to stir some serious drama this week. Ian's death has brought up a million more questions than it answered, and now it's hard to know who is telling the truth and what really happened. Turns out that Ali's murder isn't as solved as we all thought it was ... not even a little bit.

This episode was jam packed with many twists and turns, and some of the most suspenseful and exciting revelations of the entire series. Here are seven major plot points from this week's chilling episode: 

1) Spencer and Melissa: Feuding Sisters

The Hastings home is in disarray as reporters keep calling to talk to the grieving widow. Nobody wants to give Ian a funeral, but surprisingly it's Spencer who says it's the right thing to do for Melissa. Spencer is also feeling guilty for her ring-stealing ways, which is just heightened by a text from A, "Would mommy hug a thief? Tell the truth Spence, or you'll get that ring when you least expect it. -A"

Spencer and Melissa have a heart to heart where Melissa apologizes to Spencer for choosing Ian, but this is short lived. Ian's phone (planted in Spencer's bag last episode) goes off, and Melissa assumes that Spencer has been the one impersonating Ian in the week since his death. She shouts that she will never forgive her, and poor Spencer doesn't even have time to confess for the crime she actually committed. 

2) Emily "Nancy Drew" Fields

At the beginning of the episode, Emily is taunted with a text from A, ""Hey, Em. Is it just me? Or does that suicide note look familiar? - A" She pieces it together by looking back through old texts from A, and realizes that A created the fake suicide note. She tells the girls and they realize this means Ian never actually confessed in writing. This means Ian was probably murdered, and he may not have even killed Ali. Emily takes the lead this time as the one looking for answers, and she runs into a familiar face when picking up a package... 

3) The Logan Reed Thing

... She realizes he is Logan Reed, the guy who Ian paid to deliver cash. She confronts him for some answers, and he reveals that it was a female voice who placed the order, and they never met in person. Emily confides in corrupt officer Garrett, explaining that Ian couldn't have been the one to set it up. Behind Emily's back, Garrett pays Logan off, and immediately reports back to Jenna that he "took care of it." Looks like Jenna and Garrett were certainly involved in trying to frame Ian. 

4) Caleb's Foster Mom Woes

Life with a foster mom is not always a bowl of cherries. Caleb's is keeping money from him, and Hanna begins to soften. Hanna eventually confronts the woman, and threatens her with the wrath of the fictitious law firm, "Dolce and Gabbana and Leibowitz." Caleb gets his money, and finally Hanna's heart... 

5) Hanna and Caleb: PLL's Wittiest Couple

"One fake date does not a relationship make." Wise words, Hanna...but they are definitely untrue. Caleb and Hanna finally get back together this episode, and I can see why they're a perfect fit. They both have some great one-liners. "Sorry you got caught in a full on chick flick yesterday... mom and I try to save our Eat Pray Love moments for when we're alone." He retorts later about how foster life can be a, "short jump from Eat Pray Love to drink snap slap." I like that they're finally reunited. 

Sidenote: it looks like Hanna may have gotten her wit from her mother, who later comments on Hanna's attire, "Hanna it's a funeral, not a Nicki Minaj concert"

6) Mike Montgomery: Burglar Extraordinaire

When Mike is caught breaking and entering at Jason's place, Aria comes to realize that Mike has been the burglar responsible for the break-ins at Spencer's (pushing his own sister!) and Emily's as well as many other homes. It's still unclear why, but at least we know it's not A. Jason cuts him a break, which Aria really appreciates and there is definitely a flirtation there...

5) Aria and Ezra: On the Rocks? 

... and it doesn't help that Ezra and Aria aren't doing too well. Even though he's not Mr. Fitz anymore, there are still some roadblocks including his ex Jackie (who calls him "Z"...how cute), oh, and the fact that it is still an illegal relationship! Aria is getting fed up with the fact that they still have to keep things on the down low, and with Jason on the picture I definitely smell trouble in paradise. 

6) The Fun in Funeral

Everyone gathers for Ian's funeral, and the girls look very much like they do in the opening credits. They are all getting closure, and Aria spots Jason getting closure too. They talk and he confides in her that he is relieved to learn that Ian killed Ali... and that he didn't do it himself. He said he blacked out the night of the murder, and woke up with a "wicked hangover" and a note saying "I know what you did." He held himself responsible for the murder, but he isn't out of the clear just yet. Could this be a part of the "Jason Thing" Jenna and Garrett discussed? From the look on Aria's face she realizes that this whole thing isn't as simple and solved as they thought.

7) Home Movies at the Cemetery

Emily gets yet another text message from A, saying:  "Sometimes the shortest distance from plot A to plot B is the long way around -A" This leads the girls on a late night excursion to Alison's grave. The girls realize A has been handing them "evidence" about Ian on a platter.  A was helping them by forging the confession letter, so she clearly had ulterior motives.  

Suddenly, a projector begins to play the supposed video of Alison's death-- the video that was really the only proof they had. At the moment where Ali "dies" in the original video clip, she starts moving again and talking to Ian. The girls gasp as they realize that Ali was still alive, and that Ian didn't kill her after all. They search for the projector in the dark cemetery, but A simply walks away unnoticed. In fact, nobody ever notices A, she is the most elusive, untraceable and  brilliant criminal mastermind to hit the small screen. 

The bottom line is: Ian didn't kill himself and probably didn't kill Alison and the real killer is still at large. Could it be A? Could it be Jason? What are Jenna and Garrett up to? I don't know, but I do know that I have to go grab a sweatshirt to take care of the chills brought on by the final moments of the episode.

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