'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: The Truth About Ian
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: The Truth About Ian
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
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This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars picked up right where the last one left off-- in a sketchy pawn shop surrounded only by dumpsters, graffiti and the homeless. The girls' couture ensembles looked remarkably out of place, and it's a shame that they have to resort to meeting there to get some face time. Spencer goes to pick up Melissa's ring which she had pawned in the last episode, but as we know... A got her grubby gloved hands on it first. 

In return for her cash, Spencer gets a horseshoe. Aren't horseshoes supposed to be lucky? As they leave the pawn shop, they get a special text from A plus a huge billboard for eyeglasses that reads: someone's watching you so look your best. Oh, so that's why A has been so absent this season! She's been busy renting out eerily perfect billboards. It all makes sense now.

The girls are still under their therapist-imposed four way restraining order, and it's just getting plain annoying. I like my liars together, thank you very much. But, the separation hasn't prevented them from getting closer to the truth about Ian than they have all season. And here's what happened leading up to that:


No Ezra this episode, so not much fun. But there may just be another older man in her future? 

Even though Ella has moved back home, all is not hunky-dory in the Montgomery household. Brother Mike has become a real...teenager. He is moody, full of attitude and pretending to be playing pick up basketball ever day. When Aria visits the courts she uncovers that he has been lying. Mike, leave the lying to your sister and her friends please. At the courts, Aria has a moment with Jason DiLaurentis, and she is so charmed by his compliments about her old pink hairdo and his shirtlessness. It seems that all that gets between Aria and a girlish crush is a shirt. But, who can blame her? She seems to have forgotten all about his recent sketchiness. 


Emily got a little care package with Danby University apparel after the letter incident from last week. A is getting very creative, and leaves Emily a little note saying, "So happy to have you on our A-team" Har dee har har A. Who knew you had such a sense of humor? 

Emily's mom is in supportive mode and trying to make nice with Samara. Meanwhile, Samara is supportive of Emily despite the fake letter. Theme for Emily this week: people support her.


Hanna is still playing cupid this week and set up a date for Lucas and Danielle (from yearbook!) But, this is just an excuse for Caleb and Hanna to have an awkward but necessary reunion when it becomes a double date.

Meanwhile, Ashley decides it is time for Hanna to have a solo session with her therapist, who convinces her to have a conversation with Alison. Alison was her best friend and her worst enemy. She needs to let her go. This all seems great, until Anne's office is trashed. But more on that in a second. 


Spencer is hot on the trail of Melissa and Ian, and decides to pay a visit to their resident british drug mule, Wren. Wren was helping Melissa get drugs for Ian in order to find out where he is. Melissa has been seemingly preparing for a rendezvous with Ian, packing away important belongs such as his passport and an open container of shaving cream. This can't end well. As Spencer notes, "Things don't work out well for the wives of murderers." Wren decides to help Spencer out, and leads the girls directly to Ian.

Bottom Line 

Two major things happen this episode of Pretty Little Liars

1) A trashes Anne's office leaving a message on the wall, "Nosy bitches die." It appeared to be an inside job, which opens even more questions. 

2) The girls follow Melissa to Ian's location... an abandoned farmhouse. They hear Melissa scream, and rush inside to find a definitively dead and bloodied Ian with a gun and an apparent suicide note confessing to Ali's murder. There is also a very notably missing horseshoe above Ian's head (note: refer to pawn shop horseshoe above.) However, the whole thing just screams "fake suicide." I'm betting somebody killed Ian, because even murderers want to see their unborn children...right? But then again, you can never be too sure with alive, then dead, then alive again, then dead again psychopaths, can you? 

"Blind Dates" ends with A rustling around putting a cell phone into someone's purse. One thing seems clear: Ian ain't A. So who could it be? We probably won't find out any time soon, but for now we seem to have a clear answer about Ian: he is dead. Unless he actually is a zombie. Only time will tell.

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