'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: For Whom Did the Bell Toll?
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: For Whom Did the Bell Toll?
Taylor Strode
Taylor Strode
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This season finale was amazing! It had a whole lot of drama. Also, it had surprises around every corner!

In this episode, the girls decide that it's time to finally put an end to "A" and the mystery surrounding Ali. Without certain proof that their hunch is right, the Liars may have to turn to an unlikely source of information to help them put a stop to "A" once and for all.

Aria and Ezra

When Aria is in her kitchen, she gets messages from Ezra saying that they need to talk because a cop was at his place. She gets to school and asks him what's up. He says that he resigned and Aria is shocked. He then goes on to say that he got a job at Hollis, which means he and Aria can be a couple in public.

Aria's father throws a party at his home for his friends. Ezra comes. The doorbell chimes and Aria answers. To her surprise, she finds Jackie, who works at Hollis.

Aria runs to her room, and Ezra follows. They talk and Aria says that he used to be the one guy who hadn't lied to her, until Jackie popped up.


Emily learns that she may have to move to Texas because her dad's assignment got extended.

The Liars decide that it's time to talk to Jenna and get the truth about that video tape Spencer found on her laptop. The Liars learn that Ali came to Jenna in the hospital with the video. Jenna was keeping the video as something to hold against Ali, but the Liars come to the conclusion that Ian stole the video for Ali. Ali tells Jenna that if she ever comes back to Rosewood, she'll bury her.

Spencer Tries to Uncover Secrets

Spencer buys a prepaid phone to secretly message Ian and let him know that she has the video. They bribe Ian into meeting them in the woods with $10,000. Jenna warns Ian and lets him know that the Liars found the video.

After school, Toby and Spencer are hanging out. She receives a message from Melissa saying that she needs a ride home from the church because Ian didn't show up.

While they are driving home from church, they get hit by another car.  Afterward, Aria receives a message saying:

Buckle up, Bitches. Nothing's as it seems. -A

At the hospital, Spencer isn't injured. Melissa has to stay in the hospital, due to her pregnancy.

Spencer goes back to the church later because Melissa left her phone there. She finds Ian there, and he learns that Spencer was the one who sent the messages about the video. She throws the USB drive with the video at him and takes off running.

He follows her and attempts to kill her, but a hooded person pushes him off the bell tower of the church. He gets hung in the ropes.

The rest of the Liars and the police arrive. The police ask if the Liars were, doing what they do best, lying about Ian's body. When they go back to where his body was, it's gone.

The Liars then receive a message from A saying:

It's not over until I say it is. Sleep tight, while you still can, Bitches. -A

Heartbroken Hanna

Hanna is still upset about Caleb. Her mother asks her about the letter Caleb sent, and Hanna tells her that she never received it.

She talks to Mona about Caleb, and she doesn't say that she threw away the letter. Later on, Caleb calls, and Mona picks up the phone. She tells him that Hanna wants nothing to do with him an threw the letter in the trash. Lucas overhears the conversation, and Mona said that now he can have his chance with her.

Later on, Hanna deletes Caleb out of her phone. Also, Lucas is seen in a car with Caleb bringing him back to Rosewood.

Are you happy Caleb is coming back to Rosewood? Who do you think pushed Ian off the bell tower? How do you think Ian escaped? Is Jenna hiding something? Leave your responses in the comments.

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