'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Drama for the Sharks
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Drama for the Sharks
Taylor Strode
Taylor Strode
Conributing Writer, BuddyTV
This episode of PLL was amazing! This week we got to see more of the new characters, Paige and Caleb. Caleb is quickly becoming one of my fav PLL hotties!

A crucial swim meet for the Rosewood Sharks is making trouble for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. Emily and Paige are back at each others' throats, as they go head to head against each other to compete for the anchor leg of the big race. Caleb calls in his favor with a guilty Hanna as she tries to prevent Aria from asking too many questions about Ella's ticket to the museum opening. Meanwhile, Spencer decides to tutor a student to try and get some answers.

Suspicious Parents: Aria found Ella's ticket for the museum in her father's coat pocket. Aria is curious and tells Hanna about her findings. Hanna tries to get her mind off of the ticket. Aria asks Ella about it, and Ella says that she didn't go.

When Aria is hanging out at her house with Hanna, she hears her dad talking on the phone with a woman. He tells her that the woman wasn't her mother.

Suspicious, Aria decides to follow him and bring Hanna with her. She follows him to Rosewood High School. Inside, she sees her mom and dad kissing.

After the swim meet, Aria gets a text from A saying:

Almost got you busted! Wanna know how? Ask Hanna! -A

She confronts Hanna and learns about what Hanna did.

Shark in the Water:
Em and Paige tie in a swim race and have to have a swim race to determine who is going to be the anchor of their next swim meet.

Late one night, Em gets a text on her phone and goes to open her door. She finds a drenched Paige standing out in the rain. Paige tells her sorry, and that she doesn't know the true reason why she is in town. I cant wait to find out why!  

At the swim meet, the coach tells Em that there is not going to be a swim off because Paige was in an accident the previous night. Paige arrives late to the swim meet. Em ends up winning the swim meet, and to her surprise, Paige gives her applause.

After the meet, Em confronts Paige about the previous night. Paige tells her that she is wiped out and done with swimming. Em tells her that she should try swimming for fun. The two then share a swim together.

Owing Favors:
After being confronted by Aria, Hanna tells Caleb to pretend that what he did to Ella's car never happened. Afterward, she gets a text from A saying:

Caleb's quiet, but how are you gonna shut ME up? -A

Caleb says that Hanna owes him for what he did. He decides that to pay him back, Hanna has to go on a date with him.

When Hanna is at the school with Aria, she notices a jacket hanging out of an air vent. She looks inside the air vent and finds multiple cell phones and a wad of money. She takes the money with her since she thinks A was in the vent.  

Afterward, the lights shut off, and the girls see a hooded figure that begins to chase after them. They figure out that it's Caleb. He has been spending night at the school due to his foster parents.

After the swim meet, Caleb gets kicked out of the school and doesn't have a place to go to. Hanna decides to offer him the chance to stay at her house.

Tutoring for secrets:
Spencer decides to tutor Toby in French, since she thinks he may know secrets about Ali. She tells Ian that she can't make it to field hockey practice because of tutoring, and Ian thinks that she is trying to avoid him.

When she goes over to Toby's home, she tells him that he may have been framed and that someone may be trying to frame her too. Before she leaves, she gives him the French version of a book she saw him once reading.

At the swim meet, she tells Melissa that she is worried about her because of Ian. Melissa responds by saying that she isn't going to let Spencer ruin her marriage. Spencer tells her that she should ask Ian about last summer.

Toby decides to quit tutoring and gives Spencer back the book she gave him. At her home, Melissa tells Spencer that Ian told her about Ian and Spencer's relationship.

Melissa then tells her that she's been hormonal lately because she is pregnant. Total shocker! Spencer notices a note that Toby left in the book. It says:

I found this in Jenna's room. You may be right.

Do you think that Aria and Hanna will make up? What do you think was on the note that Toby gave to Spencer? Do you see a relationship in the future for Hanna and Caleb? Leave your responses in the comments.

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