'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Dance-A-Thon of Secrets
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Dance-A-Thon of Secrets
Taylor Strode
Taylor Strode
Conributing Writer, BuddyTV
Pretty Little Liars gets better and better with each episode. This one was extraordinary! I especially liked it since we got introduced to two new characters: Caleb, the mysterious and hot bad boy, and Simone, Aria's former babysitter, who stirs up a little trouble.

In this episode, Hanna goes to drastic measures for money. Emily tries her best to get in touch with Maya. Spencer begins to feel uncomfortable living with Ian. And Aria and Ezra face relationship problems from a third party who isn't Noel.

Hanna can't find a job, but A has a solution:
Hanna is trying to find a job, but no one will accept her application. Of course, A finds out about this. Hanna receives a message from A saying:

Want to keep mommy out of prison? I've got a job for you. -A

A lets Hanna know more information about the job at the school dance-a-thon when Hanna receives a message. It says:

$200 for a dance with Lucas. -A

Hanna doesn't see the harm in dancing with him, so she persuades Sean to let her have one dance with Lucas. A then sends a message saying

Want a raise? $500 for every dance with Lucas. -A

After a few dances, A sends Hanna another message saying

You have Lucas' heart, now rip it out. Worth $1000. -A

Hanna decides to dance with him once more, but Sean doesn't want her to. He breaks up with Hanna when she won't share the one dance worth $1,000 with him. When Hanna is leaving the dance, Lucas wants to take her home. Hanna obliges, saying that she has to take care of Em, who is drunk. On her way to her car, she finds the money A said she would receive in her coat pocket.

Emily will do whatever it takes to talk to Maya:
Em talks to Maya on the phone, but Maya's rehab facility wont allow it. Em takes her cell phone to Caleb, who can fix the phone so that Maya will be able to get her calls. He charges her triple the price. At the dance-a-thon, Em gets the chance to talk to Maya, but the call ends on a sour note. She feels like Maya may have moved on from their relationship.

To take out her frustration, she drinks all of the liquor in a flask Hanna snuck in the dance-a-thon.
While she's drunk, she tells Hanna that she is torturing Lucas, and that Ali would be proud. She also confronts Ian and says that she and the rest of the liars know what he did.

Ezra and Aria's relationship:
Ella suggests to Simone, who has come to visit Rosewood, that it would be a good idea if she and Ezra went out to get coffee since he is single. Aria goes over to his apartment to hang out, but she discovers that he is getting ready for his coffee date and leaves.

At the dance-a-thon, she notices that Simone and Ezra are spending a lot of time together. Her mom confronts her and lets her know that she thinks Aria is jealous because she isn't getting to spend any time with Simone.

Aria has had enough of Simone spending time with Ezra as the night goes on. She is about to blow the cover on their relationship, but Spencer stops her. In the school parking lot, Aria and Ezra talk about their relationship, and Aria says that they should be able to spend time together publicly.

Spencer deals with her suspicious brother-in-law: Spencer decides to give the police her laptop to show them the video of Ian and Ali in the woods. When she looks for her laptop in her messenger bag, it isn't there. She suspects that Ian has it. She and the other girls decide to look for it at the dance-a-thon.

At the dance-a-thon, Aria gets Ian's keys from the coatroom and gives them to Spencer. She sneaks into Ian's office and tries to open up a drawer, but she cant figure out what key goes into the lock on the drawer.

After Ian asks what Em is talking about when she said that the girls know what he did, Spencer lies and says that it was about their kiss. Ian replies back by saying that it better be the truth or someone will get hurt.

When she gets home from the dance-a-thon, she finds the laptop on her living room table, and she discovers that the video of Ian and Ali is gone. A then sends her a message saying:

Watch your backs. I didn't. -A

Do you think Ian deleted the video? Do you think Caleb is hiding something? Will Ezra and Aria power through their problems? Leave your responses in the comments.

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