'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A Party Full of Secrets
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A Party Full of Secrets
Taylor Strode
Taylor Strode
Conributing Writer, BuddyTV
Of course, "Salt Meets Wound" definitely did not disappoint. I loved every second of it!

This week Hanna returns home from the hospital to more secrets and a party.


Spencer is still shocked about Melissa's surprise marriage. Alex has the chance to attend a tennis camp in Sweden, but he declines. Spencer doesn't see why. At Hanna's party, Alex gets upset when he finds out that someone, who he assumes is Spencer, sent in an electronic application for the tennis camp. She receives a text from A saying:

Point. Set. Match! XO -A

When Spencer returns home from the party, she notices a Hilton Hide tag on her Ian's golf bag, which sparks a memory about Ali visiting the same place.


Since coming home from the hospital, Hanna is wheelchair bound. When she is trying to find Pop Tarts to eat for her first non-hospital meal, a package of noodles falls into her lap. Inside the package is the money her mother stole. Right after discovering the money, A texts her saying:

Like mommy, like daughter. Can u run from the law with those legs? -A

Mona plans a surprise "Welcome home, Hanna" party for Hanna. The party is going fine until Sean and Lucas get into an argument. Hanna takes him outside, where he admits to destroying Ali's shrine.

Hanna's mom comes home and discovers that the money is no longer in the noodle package. Hanna discovers a hundred dollar bill and a note from A in a prescription bottle. It says:

You'll get your money back if you do what I say. -A


Em deals with the aftermath of coming out. She is worried about a dinner that Maya is going to attend. Em feels that the dinner went well, but her mother lets her know that she is not OK with her and Maya's relationship

Also, Em notices that Toby, who is one of my fav characters, is out of jail. She lets him know that she didn't turn him in to the police and that she tried to reach him while he was in jail, which Jenna wouldn't allow. When Toby confronts Jenna about it, she admits to turning him in.


Aria finally tells Ezra that Noel was the one who wrote the message on the back of his car. Noel tries to blackmail Ezra into changing his grade from a C to an A. I was shocked that he would stoop so low! When Aria confronts Noel about it, he denies everything.

Do you think A is two people? Will Noel tell someone about Aria and Ezra? Will Hanna ever get her money back? Will Spencer and Alex ever make up? Leave your response in the comments.

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