'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Storm Before the Calm
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Storm Before the Calm
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
SAT. Three little letters that haunt all college bound high school juniors. Of course, our girls on Pretty Little Liars are haunted by far more than just a standardized exam. Last week, Alison's memorial was trashed and we were left to wonder whodunit. 

This week, A is back and on a mission: to make the girls distrust one another, starting with Emily. With dirt on her shoes, evidence in her bag and one nasty letter to Alison dated mere days before her disappearance ... Emily sure looks guilty. But, as usual on this show, looks can be deceiving.

Amidst "The Perfect Storm", tensions flare, romances stir and alliances are tested. Due to a tornado, the kids are stuck in Rosewood High as they await their SAT exams. It's revealed that Toby Cavanaugh is alive and on the move, but there are plenty of other suspects right under our noses. One thing is certain, these girls may lie but they will never turn against each other. Well, I suppose I should never say never, especially with A lurking around. And, with only one more episode left for the season, who knows what might just happen.

Emily: This was a very Emily-centric episode. At the start of the episode Emily is noticeably absent from an SAT study date at Spencer's. As the other liars practice vocabulary, Emily walks into her own room covered in dirt.

When Detective Wilden questions the girls about the memorial incident, Emily claims she was with the girls and Aria backs her up. But, Emily was not at Spencer's. She was at the memorial. After weeks of innuendo and subtle hints, we finally learn more about the relationship between Alison and Emily. In the dark and creepy library, A leads Emily to a letter and we learn through flashbacks that Emily and Alison shared a kiss in the library. Emily was in love with Alison, but to Alison "a kiss is just a kiss." So Emily wrote an angry letter to Alison, and went to the memorial to apologize for it. Upon arrival she found it trashed, and saved the only remaining parts.

While Emily was in the library, Detective Wilden snatched her bag and the letter. In a confrontational scene, he paints Emily as the villain. Her friends stand by her, even when they find out about her love for Alison, and Spencer's mother cuts in just in time to point out that it is illegal to question minors without an adult. Basically, she kicks ass.  

Hanna: The girl formerly known as hefty Hanna is now thrifty Hanna, as she continues to sell her stuff on Ebay with some help from Lucas. Hanna's vindictive friend Mona relentlessly harasses Lucas (suggesting that he go to the wizard to ask him for a penis) but the laugh is on her: she bought Hanna's hand me down purse online. Plus, Hanna finally stands up for her friend Lucas and puts that bitch in her place. But, should she be standing up for him? At the episode's end, Lucas looks quite guilty and it's revealed that he has some very dirty sneakers. Say it ain't so Lucas, I'm rooting for you.

Spencer: Spencer's boy Alex must take the SAT at Rosewood High (insert contrived reason here _________) But whatever the reason ... I'm cool with it. Alex and Spencer are officially the cutest couple on the show right now, and I'd take any excuse to see them together. However, Alex becomes distant once Spencer's mom enters the scene. The two share some secret from the club, and Alex won't talk to Spencer about it. When Spencer finally confronts her mother, it's revealed that she had a lump removed from her breast a while back. After the surgery she got very drunk and spilled her guts to Alex at the club. For the first time, a member of the Hastings family comes off as human, and Spencer and her mom have a touching moment. Plus, Alex officially has her mom's seal of approval.

Aria: Last week we met Noel. Noel and Aria clearly had chemistry, but she wasn't ready to move on from Ezra Fitz. This week amidst the storm Noel and Aria sneak off to make some sweet music together. Aria sings! And, she's very good (the last time I heard Lucy Hale sing was on American Juniors back in 2003. I love her voice now.) And, just as they're about to share a kiss ... in walks Ezra. Aria's pissed that he hasn't been in touch, and Ezra retorts that he can't stop thinking about her. But, nothing's changed and nothing will change anytime soon. For now, Aria's ready to take the first step towards something new with Noel. This is one love triangle that I'm looking forward to!

On the home front, things aren't looking too great. Aria is upset with her mother for moving out, but finally thaws by the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Byron is across town looking rather intimate with Ashley, Hanna's mother. Though they haven't crossed any lines quite yet, it's only a matter of time.

Bottom Line: There are many storms ahead on Pretty Little Liars. A is back and getting more intense every day. But the question is: who is she? Is it Toby? Is it Jenna? Is it Lucas? Is it Mona? Or, gasp, is it one of our favorite liars? For now we have some dirty sneakers and an incriminating tape sent to the police department. Let's hope for some answers on next week's finale. I, for one, cannot wait.

Texts from beyond:
Inbox (3):

-To Emily, "There's only so much you can bury Emily. You're not done with me yet."- A.
-To Emily, "Hey Em--You weren't the only one with Great Expectations. Check it out. xoxo- A"--I do appreciate all of the literary references on this show.
-To Spencer, "Define 'desertion'. Seems like you're about to lose Emily. Who's next?" - A

 Burning Questions/Secrets:

Juice Factor: (1-5)

-What did Lucas do? Why are his shoes dirty? Juice Factor: 3. I'm guessing he's not A, but I'm wondering how he's involved.
-Since when does one dress up for the SATS? Juice Factor: 2. I mean, seriously Aria? I wore sweats and t-shirt to mine.
-Will we find out A's identity on next week's finale? Juice Factor: Infinity. Please don't make us suffer for months and months. It will be almost as bad as being stalked by a psycho posing as a dead girl. Almost.

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