'Pretty Little Liars': A Case For Ezra Fitz's Redemption
'Pretty Little Liars': A Case For Ezra Fitz's Redemption
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Pretty Little Liars fans were left with a couple of cliffhangers after the season 4 finale. One of which is whether or not Ezra will live or die after suffering a gun shot thanks to 'A'.

Note: BuddyTV pleads its case for and against the redemption of Ezra Fitz after the Pretty Little Liars season 4 finale. For the other side of the argument click here

In the episode where Ali spilled all about the night she died, fans learned that not only was Ezra not 'A' but that he may not be the total jerk everyone thought he was. I will be the first to admit that the show did a complete 180 with the character of Ezra in the last few episodes of season 4. He went from being super creepy, sketchy, 'A' to just a guy who really loves Aria and was actually trying to help Alison out. It is a lot to swallow I know. All of that being said I think that Ezra should not only live but that the character should get a little redemption. 

Why should Ezra live and be turned back into the good guy we all know he once was? Here are 4 very good reasons: 

1. You Can't Deny True Love

He and Aria really do love each other. Balk if you will (and I am sure a lot of you will). Despite the age difference, and all their crazy obstacles, these two did fall in love and it is a true love. He may have pursed her to get research on his book but he ended up finding love, as did she. It doesn't make his actions right but it's not like he used her the whole time. Just because we recently found out he sought her out in the beginning of the relationship doesn't mean that he didn't have a change of heart right away. Who is to say that shortly after they got involved he didn't realize that she was more to him than simply a research project? 

His feelings clearly changed and that is proven by the fact that he went to her parents about their relationship. He wouldn't have done that if wasn't in love with her. Why would he risk his job, jail, and his reputation to tell her parents the truth if he didn't love her? If it was all about research why would he want his relationship with an underage girl to be out in the open?

Speaking of her being underage, love has not boundaries--especially age. If you are going to fault Ezra for being with an underage girl don't you have to fault Aria too? She still went out with him knowing his age, keeping the relationship a secret etc. Also, she was consenting the whole time they were together, he didn't make her do anything she didn't want to. Plus, her parents approved of the relationship. Doesn't that count for something when it comes to the age difference? There are real feelings there on both sides and that can't be ignored. What can I say? I am sucker for true love and even with all the recent crap that has come out, Aria and Ezra have a true love.  

2. He Tried to Help Alison

The sappy love reason aside, there is another great reason that Ezra should live. He thinks he knows who 'A' is. Hello, that is really important! If he does live, I am sure he will have some sort of amnesia for a while (Pretty Little Liars wouldn't want reveal things too quickly after all) but in the end he will remember. The fact that he knows who 'A' really is--or at least thinks he does--and came to try to help Alison should also give him some redemption points. 

Although at first I was wondering why if he knew who 'A' was, why he went directly to Alison, as opposed to telling the Liars--or better yet--going to the police? Well the police answer is easy. The Rosewood police department isn't exactly top notch. I mean, both Garrett and Wilden were cops that couldn't be trusted. The department didn't exactly do a stellar job of solving the "death" of Alison. All the cops did was focus on the Liars. Plus, there is something about Holbrook and Tanner that just don't make a person want to rush out and tell them anything. Those two clearly have an agenda and perhaps some secrets of their own. Would you really want to trust them with the big new 'A's' identity? I don't think so. 

As for why he didn't go to the girls, how do we know he didn't try to contact them? We don't know how long he's known. Let's assume he just found out. Remember, Noel took all their phones. Ezra could have very easy tried to get in touch with anyone of the Liars. When he didn't he went straight to warn Alison, that is food for thought for ya. 

3. His Actions Were Never Malicious or Vicious

Ezra was never a bad guy and the fact that for a hot second the show wanted fans to believe he was 'A' doesn't make him a bad guy. He has done some questionable things; OK a lot of questionable things in the name of research. He broke Aria's heart, he was a creepy stalker but he did not intentionally set out to hurt anyone. It wasn't like he was being malicious or vicious like 'A', he was trying make his dream of writing a novel come true. Can you really fault the guy for going after his dream? I think not. You can hate his methods but you can't fault him. 

When it comes right down to it this past season Ezra has been judged on assumptions not facts. Aria getting attacked on Halloween for example. It is assumed it was Ezra but there was never any solid proof that he was the attacker. 

All the surveillance and camera watching he was doing over the girls was assumed it was because he was a creepy no good stalker. However, what if he was actually watching them that closely because he was protecting the them? Maybe he just thought he was protecting the Liars or there is a legit reason he was protecting them. Considering how much he knows about 'A' the later is very likely. That could also serve as a reason why he was kind of separating Aria from her friends.

Another assumption is that he blackmailed Mona into dating Mike so he could get deets on the Liars. Can we consider the source on this one please? Mona is hardly a reliable truth teller. Considering what we learned about her in the finale it is not so far fetched to believe that she made up the whole Ezra blackmailing her story to protect her very own agenda. It seems more likely to me that Mona dated Mike for her own selfish, crazy reasons then that Ezra blackmailed her into. 

4. We Forgave Toby

Finally, if Toby can be redeemed why can't Ezra? Plain and simple. Toby was part of the 'A' team so to speak and yet he was redeemed. Why can't that be the same case with Ezra? Toby lied, he hurt Spencer, so why does he get a pass and Ezra doesn't? Don't get me wrong I like Toby it is nothing against him. I just think that, like Toby, Ezra in the end had the best of intentions and his heart is now in the right place.

Just like Toby, Ezra didn't come clean until he was caught. The one difference is that for all we know Ezra was about to tell Aria anyway. For all we know he was just waiting for the book to be finished and for his publisher to give him the thumbs up that it was going to print before he spilled all to Aria. Like Toby, Ezra may have just been waiting for a certain point in time to plead his case and tell all. Plus, seriously most people don't come clean until they are caught so lets not put so much judgement on Ezra. 

It is a hard pill to swallow having Ezra go from being 'A' to being just a guy who was working on a novel, I get that. Personally, I don't think he should have been considered for 'A', I didn't buy it at all. 'A' has not heart, no soul, no feelings and Ezra has all of those things. He may have lied but he couldn't fake the way he felt about Aria. The kind of chemistry these two have just can't be faked, I don't care how good of a liar Ezra is you can't lie about chemistry.

What do you think? Can Ezra be redeemed? Should he? Do you agree with me or do you think I'm crazy? Share your thoughts in the comments! Before you vote, make sure you check out the case against Ezra here>>>
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