New Drama 'Twisted' to Debut After 'Pretty Little Liars' Season Finale
New Drama 'Twisted' to Debut After 'Pretty Little Liars' Season Finale
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Can't get enough of teen murder mysteries? ABC Family is certainly banking on it, as they decided to premiere the pilot of their new summer drama series Twisted a few months early.

The new drama's first episode will air after Pretty Little Liars' third season finale, making it a night of scandals, lies, and murder mayhem.

According to the schedule up on ABC Family's website, a special sneak preview of Twisted will air on Tuesday, March 19 at 9 pm. It looks to be a smart move, considering Twisted's subject matter will make it rife for crossover fans from the scandalous Pretty Little Liars.

In fact, Twisted seems to share a lot of show DNA with Liars. The show stars Avan Jogia from Nickelodeon's Victorious as a troubled teen returning to his hometown after some time in juvie. (Toby could certainly relate.) 

Jogia's Danny quickly reconnects with his two former female best friends from childhood, but before you can say "inevitable love triangle" he's the prime suspect in the murder of a classmate. Sound Alison DiLaurentis-esque? 

Show star Jogia has said the show is about redemption, but methinks the show is also about tapping into the Pretty Little Liars zeitgeist with a similar, if not identical, premise. It also stars Maddie Hasson (The Finder), Kylie Bunbury (Prom), and Denise Richards. 

ABC Family is no fool and Pretty Little Liars has put the network on the map, both in terms of ratings and social media buzz. Liars is consistently one of the most social shows on television, with its season two finale creating more social media buzz than any other regularly scheduled program in TV history. 

Which explains why the cast is everywhere, from controversial new movie Spring Breakers to the cover of Entertainment Weekly. It makes perfect sense that ABC Family would want to return to that particular well to see if magic will strike twice. 

Premiering the show after juggernaut Pretty Little Liars shows ABC Family believes Twisted can tap into the rabid PLL fanbase. And with its central murder mystery and bad boy hero, it seems like something Liars fans might enjoy.

What do you think? Will you be watching Twisted when it premieres on March 19th? Sound off in the comments!

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