Exclusive Video: Pretty Little Liars' Tyler Blackburn Talks Romantic Moments
Exclusive Video: Pretty Little Liars' Tyler Blackburn Talks Romantic Moments
Valentine's Day is three days away, which means you should expect more than the usual amounts of kissing and loving on your TV screens. Bad thing if you're cynical about love.

But admit it, you can't help but be happy for your favorite characters. That shipper heart of yours? It's gonna get a workout this week.

ABC Family's also getting into the Valentine's Day spirit, albeit with a bit of a twist -- knowing how, say, Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game manage to mix romance with dark secrets from way back. But let's stick with the romance first. The folks over at ABC Family gave us this exclusive video featuring PLL's Tyler Blackburn (Caleb, oh Caleb!) listing down the best romantic moments from the network's shows.

Of course, you expected him to root for Haleb, yes? But all the Ezria drama, it's just too good!

Anyway, speaking of Caleb, this Monday's episode of Pretty Little Liars is looking to be a big one for him: he's getting closer to the whole thing with A and the girls, which means it's A's turn to get closer to him. And it's going to freak some people out, especially Hanna.

"A has really put their sights on Caleb and wants to destroy [him]," Blackburn tells reporters in a recent conference call. "[He's] getting a little too close for comfort, I think, and so he's sort of accused of some false charges of hacking, and so he winds up in the police station and has to get out of a pretty sticky situation."

But Haleb shippers take heart: the next few episodes will feature the couple being "a play on Romeo and Juliet" -- and, also, the thing they call "A-Day"; the moment they reveal who A is. "There's another mystery kind of starts from that. So they definitely have kept the momentum going, so you're not going to be disappointed, and there's just going to be more and more," he says.

Following PLL is another episode of The Lying Game, where another couple -- Ethan and Emma -- find their love tested by the allegations against him, and the way things have been unfolding between them. Of course another major story is Emma finally revealing her big secret to Mads.

In this Monday's episode, expect Mads to dig deeper: "Being let in on the secret opens up a door for her to find out a lot more about her dad and his possible involvement in all the mysteries on the show," Alice Greczyn says. "For the rest of the season, Mads is pretty much just uncovering more and more about him, and it brings a lot of tension between Mads and Thayer, and Emma's sort of in the middle of it."

Ahh, Thayer and his unrequited love. This is going to be really sticky.

Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game return this Monday night on ABC Family.

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