5 Things We Learned from the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Preview
5 Things We Learned from the 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Preview
Are you still catching your breath from Pretty Little Liars' twisty season two conclusion? Well maybe you should sit down, because the show's third season looks to continue the thrills and chills.

The show's second season ended with the unveiling of A....or did it? Watch this preview for the third season starting June 5 at 8pm on ABC Family. After you watch the preview look below for our top five reasons to be excited.

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5 Important Things We Learned from the Preview:

1. Hanna cut her hair! What? It's important!

2. Spencer sees Garrett in jail. This season will the show have two Hannibal Lector-type incarcerated characters? Should these girls be concerned that half of their social circle are potential murderers or behind bars?

3. Grave Robbed? From the looks of the preview, someone has dug up Ali's body. Well maybe it's Ali's body; the tombstone is indecipherable in the clip. It could also be any number of people who've died mysteriously on this show. Ian, Alison or...Maya? But my money is on Alison zombie walking down the street somewhere, doing the dance from "Thriller".

4. Hanna's a bit unhappy with Mona. I mean, I guess I would be a bit bummed if I found out my former bestie was basically trying to kill me. I think Hanna probably has a few issues to work through with Mona at the mental hospital. But god Hanna, what did that chair ever do to you?

5. "A" Return. Looks like it might have been too soon to write off the "A" mystery as dead and buried. (Apparently things are being dug up all the time in Rosewood anyway. Even dead bodies!) As the preview shows, the girls are still being harassed...and by a familiar culprit. Time to redraw your suspect list because "A" is still on the prowl.

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What do you think of the new promo? Whose body was dug up? Who besides Mona is tormenting the girls? And are you totally excited for Pretty Little Liars return? Sound off in the comments!

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

(Image and Video courtesy of ABC Family)