'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale Recap: Atlanta Drama with Hollywood Icons
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale Recap: Atlanta Drama with Hollywood Icons
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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The season has come to an end in a very fitting fashion. It's all about Kenya. She's either been twirling in the spotlight or she's wildly unhappy. Her Hollywood Icons gala is coming together and it's going to be huge. Not just in the guest list, but also in the production value. Are you ready for some dramatic RHOA fun?

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Phaedra and Kandi head to a fitness studio to have a little fun with a few stun guns that Phaedra has designed. Huh? The instructors that they meet with specialize in self-defense, which I guess makes sense for stun gun practice, but they don't actually incorporate any self-defense moves. Really, they just play around, drop three consecutive sexual innuendos and then Kandi accidentally zaps one of the instructors.

Kordell in Session

Kordell and Porsha meet with her therapist for the first time as a couple. They clearly aren't on the same page, but will therapy help? Obviously, if you've read any RHOA news this week, you know that Porsha and Kordell never get on the same page. But it will be interesting to see him forced to open up a bit more before their marriage reaches its end.

Hollywood Icons in Atlanta

Kenya's party gets rollin' with the ladies arriving in their assigned costumes. Well, all except for Porsha. She was supposed to come as Halle Berry's character from B*A*P*S, but that's not really her style. She wants to dress with a little more glam for the party. So instead, she decides to show up as Dorothy Dandridge. Kenya's surprise reveal is her dressing as Foxy Brown. She goes through a few classic lines and then snaps back into her crazy reality when she sees Porsha. She's so furious that Porsha changed her character at the last minute that she tells her to leave the party.

They go back forth a bit before Kenya grabs two security guards to escort her and Kordell out of the party. Kenya thinks it was deliberate and Porsha was trying to make Kenya look bad. Which might be true, but let's be honest here. Kenya asked her to dress as Halle Berry's trashiest character. That wasn't deliberate? C'mon.

Once Porsha and Kordell are tossed out like paupers, Cynthia and Kandi decide that they should leave as well. Real Housewives, unite! They think Kenya has taken it too far and they don't care what she has planned, they aren't interested in staying if Kenya is going to be this rude to her guests. 

Cynthia calls NeNe to warn her about the madness. NeNe is clearly pissed off and doesn't slow down when she arrives. She pulls Kenya aside and gives it to her straight. She likes Kenya. She's sick of Kenya making terrible decisions and acting like a fool. She deserves better than the consequences she faces after making these poor choices. Kenya respects NeNe and agrees to apologize. 

The ladies head back inside and Kenya swallows her pride long enough to spit out some BS apology to Porsha. Porsha eats up the moment of glory and accepts. As Kenya brings each of the ladies up to reveal their characters to the crowd, we get the following Real Housewives updates:

Porsha: Kordell filed for divorce.

Kandi: Kandi and Todd are engaged and her sex toy line is doing well.

Cynthia: Miss Renaissance 2013 is now accepting applications and she's currently helping NeNe plan her re-nuptials. 

Phaedra: Phaedra is preggers with baby number two and planning a pregnancy workout video.

NeNe: NeNe is looking for her next big role, but is still living bi-coastally for now. 

Kenya: Kenya is dating an African oil tycoon and claims that her workout video is doing better than Phaedra's. 

What's the best part about a Real Housewives of Atlanta finale? That it's not even close to the end. We still have part one and part two of the reunion, where the most drama and big reveals will unfold on the same stage as our lovable reality TV leader, Andy Cohen.

Can't wait!

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