'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Is Walter Gay?
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Is Walter Gay?
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Porsha unpacks from the girls trip and -- uh, oh -- Kordell discovers the pregnancy test that the girls gave her as a joke. So he plays the clueless male for a second and then gets her to take the test. She can't figure out how to do it.

"Do I pee for a full two minutes? I can't pee that long!"

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Honey, how do you even survive out there in the real world? Oh, that's right. Your master husband barely "lets you" out of the house. 

The test reads, "Not pregnant." She's a little bummed and gets even more upset when Kordell clearly doesn't care either way.

NeNe the Star

NeNe is busting her bum in New York going from interview to interview. She's clearly a born-star because the moment she's given her cue to head out in front of the crowd, she "lights up like a lightbulb." That would terrify me to no end. Some people just have that charismatic spark. 

Like a Boss

Kandi is tired of running her empire from home, so she has decided to renovate an office space. She checks out a location and starts mapping out how everything would look. She is also in the midst of planning a housewarming party to show off her newly redesigned pad, so she is seriously stressed out.

Porsha Don't Preach

Porsha and Kordell have another chat about babies because Porshia is very concerned that they are not on the same page. She wants it all. She wants kids and a career. She first reveals that the ladies called Kordel "controlling" on the girls trip, to which Kordell responds, "I'm not controlling, I'm in control." Hmm. Okay. He's the man. She's the woman. So basically he can have a career and "go out there and hustle," but she needs to choose. There will be no nannies allowed. She gets emotional because this is clearly not what she had in mind. 

Look, Porsha, you're not so bright. But you sure are hot. This is why he chose you. Because you allow him to control you. He doesn't want you to go get ideas. You can't have your own thoughts and opinions. You need to do what he says. Because he "is the man."

Guys, I wish I was wrong here and I wish this wasn't exactly how he sees their relationship, but you know it is. It's obvious. And it's very, very sad. It's 2013, Kordell. Have you ever allowed her to vote? Porsha, you can do that, you know.

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Party with Walter

Peter hosts an event for men's health and invites Walter. The boys are all bros after the Anguilla trip, so he gets the invite. Kenya shows up with a date and successfully avoids him for the entire evening. She acts like she's over it, but she clearly isn't. While at the party, Kenya invites the girls to a party she'll be having to celebrate black women in film. She asks each of them to come dressed up as a different iconic role or person. Kandi will be Tina Turner. Porsha has been asked to dress as Halle Berry. Cynthia will be Diana Ross. And Kenya even invites Phaedra to attend and dress as Eartha Kitt. 

Walter -- Gay?

Cynthia and Kenya go shopping for some iconic attire for their costumes and talk about Walter. Apparently, at Peter's event, Walter said some unkind things about Kenya. He talked about his disinterest in hooking up with her and that it never happened in Anguilla. Cynthia shares this with Kenya, and Kenya immediately fires back that Walter might be gay. What? She talks about being naked in front of him and showering with him and that he never wanted to have sex. Hmm ... I know Kenya's a little cray, but she's a gorgeous woman. What's Walter's deal?

At Kandi's housewarming a short time later, guess who shows up?! Walter, with a young little plus one. He knows what Kenya has said about him possibly being gay, and apparently he is ready to confront her. The boys are excited for a show. When Kenya shows up, she doesn't even see him. Kandi gets her separated from Walter and lets her know that Walter is around somewhere. Kenya flips and storms off.

And that's where we are. will Kenya face Walter? Find out next week!

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