'Pirate Master' Runner-Up Shares Thoughts on Coming in Second
'Pirate Master' Runner-Up Shares Thoughts on Coming in Second
Mark Burnett’s failed reality series, Pirate Master, has finally cast its anchor and docked for good.  CBS posted the final episode of the show on their web site last August 28, a little over a month since the network yanked it off their television lineup due to poor ratings.  For Pirate Master’s faithful followers, the two-hour finale offered lots of action and adventure as the final three contestants battled it out for the title of Pirate Master.

After a series of individual and collective challenges, the race to Captain Henry Steele’s treasure finally came down to 30-year-old stay-at-home mom, Christa DeAngelo and 23-year old musician, Ben Fagan.  The homestretch challenge required Christa and Ben to place a wooden ship wheel on a wall of Henry Steele’s quarters, making sure to match letters printed on the wall in order to read the succeeding clue.  The race was close until Ben worked out the last puzzle to earn the key that unlocked Captain Steele’s Treasure of Zanzibar.

"Ben got to it literally moments before I did," DeAngelo said in an interview with Times News.  "I had one of the numbers to the combination that opened the treasure."

Despite coming in second, the Tamaqua native was more than happy with the $70,000 she pocketed as runner up to the first and only edition of Pirate Master.

"As soon as Ben got to it, I felt content," she said.  "I didn't feel sad or anything like that. It worked out the way it was supposed to work out. I'm happy.  I wanted to leave there with at least $50,000, and what I got, $70,000, is a good chunk of change."

Actually, the former military woman, Miss Hawaiian Tropic and star basketball player could have gone home with over $80,000.  She lost some of her winnings when she had to pay off some deals she’d made with a handful of the other pirates.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Times News
(Image Courtesy of CBS)