'Pirate Master' Cast-Off Says CBS "Didn't Believe in" the Show
CBS canceled the reality series, Pirate Master, last month, and redirected the remaining episodes to weekly broadcasts on CBS.com's Innertube.  The show, which had been produced by Mark Burnett, had failed to deliver solid ratings for the network, which ultimately led to its demise.  Azmyth Kaminski, the ninth cast member sent adrift from the show, believes the cancellation would have been averted if CBS had only shown more confidence in the series.

“CBS did what they could, but I feel like they didn't believe in it from the start,” Kaminski told TV Guide.  “I can understand if it had been maybe four or five sessions in and [they decided] to cancel it, but we were more than halfway through the season.”

He also said that the abrupt cancellation ruined what proved to be an amazing opportunity not just for himself, but for the rest of the Pirate Master cast members as well.

“What better opportunity than having a movie-style documentary filmed of one of the biggest adventures of your life, and to actually get paid for it?,” Azmyth Kaminski said.

Kaminski proved to be one of the stronger competitors on the series.  He had held the position of Captain twice, and was only booted off by his unhappy crew after his “Triad” alliance was disbanded.  He could have saved himself by bidding on the royal pardon, but opted not to, saying he did not want to force others into keeping him in the game.

“I would never bid on the royal pardon. I hated the royal pardon,” Azmyth Kaminski said.  “What I said when I left was, 'There's no way I was going to shove money down your throats so that I can be safe.'  If you want me gone, I'll be gone.”

Despite not winning the booty worth $500,000 and Pirate Master's cancellation, Kaminski has no regrets about being on the show.

“I played my hardest. I did things that I didn't think I would normally do.  I was way braver than I thought I would be,” he told TV Guide.  “If anyone ever gets a chance to go on a reality show, you'll either gain ego or you'll take a really good beating.  Either way, you'll win. It was a fantastic experience and I loved everything that's come from it.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
(Image Courtesy of CBS)