'X Factor' Interviews: Josh Krajcik's Ideal 'Musical Burrito' and More Snippets from the Top 17
'X Factor' Interviews: Josh Krajcik's Ideal 'Musical Burrito' and More Snippets from the Top 17
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Fox All Access got access to the X Factor USA Top 17 contestants yesterday, in what looks like their dress rehearsal digs for tonight's first live show, and asked the acts some of the pressing questions we've been wondering about them. For instance: What keeps LeRoy Bell looking so young? Who is Drew Ryniewicz's celebrity crush? (And will I ever learn to spell her last name correctly on the first try?) How many languages does Phillip Lomax speak? And what's in Josh Krajcik's "musical burrito"?

Even if you weren't wondering before, I bet you're wondering now!

Below, check out five highlights from the set of short but sweet interviews (and go to Fox All Access to watch all of them):

Phillip Lomax is an International Man of Mystery: Guess how many different countries Phillip Lomax has lived in. Guess! No wonder he has such a cosmopolitan air about him.

Josh Krajcik and His Musical Burrito: Josh shares his culinary favorites, both real and imaginary.

This Isn't Simone Battle's First Time in Front of a Huge Audience: Check out which huge music group she toured with as a backup dancer.

Astro Talks Confidence Vs. Cockiness: Astro says he's not cocky, it's just him being an artist. What do you think of his explanation for his attitude?

Musical Talent Runs in Chris Rene's Family: Did you know his grandfather wrote the song "Rockin' Robin"? Well you do now! What a doll.

The Top 17 perform live tonight from 8:30-10pm on FOX, and five acts will be eliminated! Check out photos and quotes from the finalists below, and check back here at BuddyTV for our full recap and rankings for the first X Factor USA live episode.

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