'The Amazing Race' Recap: Some Teams Can't Handle the Heat
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Some Teams Can't Handle the Heat
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, the fifth leg through Bangladesh takes a weary toll on the competitors. Who will rise to the occasion and which ones will falter?

The individual challenges themselves are pretty boring -- find a vendor selling eggplants, build a balance scale (roadblock), a detour of either the straw mill or bamboo jungle and then find the pit stop. 

Not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but this season hasn't been all too exciting to watch. Much of the antics in this episode are because of the physicality of the tasks and the humidity and heat, which saps everyone of their energy.

In It to Win It

Abbie and Ryan have quickly elevated into the bad guys of the season, and they annoy me throughout the leg. And I'll say I'm rooting for them to lose or at least stumble pretty significantly. They're gunning for the title of winning the most legs for the season, and of course they believe they can do it. I'm sure that they can as well, but Abbie and Ryan, a little modesty can go a long way. 

Ryan mutters under his breath that the streets of Bangladesh are like a "war zone." He's also resorted to mocking the twins right in front of them, as Nadiya and Abbie take on the scale challenge. I'll take the shrill tone of the twins' voices over Ryan "trying" to be funny any day. 

The twins, however, get the last laugh as they finish the scale building first, leaving Ryan to just shake his head. The twins would also like to remind you they're the last female pair left standing in the competition.

Comfortable Being Ahead

It's another smooth ride for Abba and James -- well, considering they maintain a pretty wide lead on everyone for the race. It doesn't mean they don't have their own struggles, but they're the same as all the others: unable to accurately construct the scale and having a difficult time carrying bamboo sticks of all lengths.

But before they take off for their race, James receives some sad news: his father's cancer is at stage four, and there isn't a chance for remission. With that extra bit of motivation, they're off first.

The Chippendales' Major Stumble

The Chippendales continue providing more drama and entertainment. They're so easygoing and don't let some slip-ups get to them, like how others have horribly dealt with them (ie: the Monster Truckers). 

But their weakness is they tend to be sloppy, and that's more than evident in what should be a pretty easy (albeit demanding) task of stacking bamboo and delivering it to a construction site.

When the Chips and team Texas are about to take off after gathering bamboo, it turns out the Chips leave three behind when theirs and Texas' drop to the ground at the same time. The Chips are confident as they carry their sticks, all the while we see the left-behind bamboo. 

When they get the news that they haven't delivered everything, they practically pass out from exhaustion. They're panting and dripping with sweat. They also mention how they've been doing the race "on a budget," and haven't been eating. They've been lethargic and dropping a lot of weight. But they gather up the strength to make their way back. Even then, they haven't tightly tied the bamboo together, and they end up retying everything before going back. It goes without saying that they're wasting a ton of valuable time.

Slow and Steady Doesn't Win the Race

The goat farmers fall quickly behind everyone when Brent can't complete the scale challenge. He only has one tiny mistake, but his frustration gets the best of him, and he starts from scratch. At one point, I honestly don't think they'll be able to do the race, especially when Brent talks about exhaustion.

But he eventually grinds it out, and their hopes are still high, which is great to see. The Chippendales' flub allows the farmers to make up for a lot of lost time. I definitely thought there was no way they could even be close to making it to the pit stop as the last team not eliminated.

The Results

James and Abba come in first for the second time in a row. As winners, they get a trip to Malaysia's tropical rainforest. I've definitely been impressed with the way they've been competing.

Abbie and Ryan come in second, but judging by their reaction, you would think they're being eliminated. Ryan is pissed because he really wanted the title of winning the most legs, leaving Abbie guilty since she couldn't finish the scale quickly. But these two are the only ones who end up doing the straw mill, and that's the only reason I believe they come in second.

Otherwise, they probably would've come third because the twins had finished the scale portion ahead of them, but finish third overall.

The Monster Truckers come in fourth. They weren't given much screen time, but I have to give props to Kelley because she completed the scale building without complaining much about the head or how demanding it was. I've also never seen a team finishing in fourth place look so happy.

Trey and Lexi come in fifth. They were the last team to depart, but because Trey had done the scale building, they made up a lot of time. I don't even want to imagine how it would've turned out if Lexi had done it.

Even though the Chips wasted precious time, they slide into sixth place. They talk about being put through the ringer -- and they have. They never once lost their cool. It's quite the difference of a team having sheer joy and being grateful for not coming in last and a team that comfortably came in second be mad about doing so.

The goat farmers are last, but it's a non-elimination leg -- so they're safe!

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