'The Amazing Race' Recap: Rainy Moscow Doesn't Dampen Spirits
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Rainy Moscow Doesn't Dampen Spirits
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on The Amazing Race, we get the conclusion to last week's cliffhanger. Josh and Brent and Abbie and Ryan missed their connecting flight and were way, way behind everyone else. Meanwhile, James and Abba lost their belongings. With that going on and the latest leg happening as well, "We Was Robbed" flies by.

Together Until the End

It's nightfall when Abbie and Ryan and Josh and Brent arrive at the locks. Josh figures out how to get all the locks undone in a snap, but Abbie can't get one undone by the time he's finished. In another show of solidarity and teamwork, Josh helps Abbie complete the task -- just like Abbie and Ryan wait with Josh and Brent at the pool, which by the way, they don't even finish.

Because of this, Josh and Brent get a four-hour penalty for the next leg. They officially come in fifth, right behind Abbie and Ryan -- though they do get to the pit stop together, arms around each other like one big happy family.

Meanwhile, James and Abba do get to the pit stop, and recover one passport. Thankfully, it's a non-elimination leg. But they must show their passport if/when required. Otherwise, they can't race.

Getting Schooled

The next morning, it's dark, dreary and rainy in Moscow, but the race must go on. After struggling to arrive at a local academy, Texas and the Chips get to the detour and pretty much do it together. It's like being back in school, looking at your friend's homework, copying and sharing answers.

Except Lexie and either Jaymes or James can't get the right answers. They have to identify the times in different Russian cities after being flashed a time zone map and then a map of cities. It's difficult because the Moscow time changes with each test. As they finish test six -- and get it wrong -- the twins depart for the leg.

By the time test 11 rolls around, Lexie and J. figure out what they're doing wrong: adjusting for the time difference when Moscow is four hours ahead. When they finally do, they get it right.

Dancing Through Pain

After the time challenge is the detour: Movers or Shakers. Texas and the Chips both decide to learn a painful and challenging Russian dance routine, complete with uniforms.

Unfortunately, one of the Chips injured his ankle during a previous leg and putting the extra stress and weight on it is really hurting him. It seems like a bad move as to why they chose this over the less strenuous detour of identifying Russian leaders at a cocktail party.

Fortunately, the Chips actually do complete the dance, all while one of them is hopping on one leg. They even bring in the medic to look at his leg, while he's yelling out in pain. Texas also finishes shortly thereafter. 

Meanwhile, the twins, arriving at the school and realizing they have to pass a test, use the express pass to go dancing. 


While learning the dance moves, the twins are making everyone laugh as one of them rips her pants, not once but twice. Meanwhile, Ryan and Abbie depart.

Then we see the first two teams arrive at the pit stop: the Chips are first -- their first win -- and get a trip to Costa Rica. Texas comes in second, and the twins get their dance down and are off to the pit stop as well for third.

Finally, Brent and Josh and James and Abba also depart, but the latter are more concerned with the passport issue.

Back at the school, Ryan is on test 18 after proclaiming he would get it right after the first test because he's always been good in school and at memorization. He doesn't get adjusting the time difference. He sees it, but he doesn't realize what it means. It's hilarious to watch since he got all Mr. Cocky again when he started the test. He believes there's a glitch in the system! Come on, Mr. Smarty Pants.

At test 25, when he finally figures it out after saying it aloud, he gets it right. They move on to dancing.

One Team is Eliminated

Abbie is a dance instructor, so she has no trouble with the routine. Ryan gets the hang of it as well, and the two move on and come in fourth.

Meanwhile, Brent gets the time test right on the first try. Wow. And they're the only ones to go for the Shakers. They're so cute dancing, sword fighting and identifying Russian leaders, which they're able to do with flying colors. Josh even points out the crowd of dead leaders is lively. They finish fifth. 

Finally, James and Abba arrive at sundown. They don't even show them doing the speed bump and the race. They haven't found the other passport, but they still arrive last and are therefore eliminated. 

They've been such great sports throughout the entire season, and I'm genuinely disappointed to see them leave this way since it was losing their stuff, which doesn't directly have to do with the competition, that made them lose.

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