'The Amazing Race' Recap: Getting Screwed in Amsterdam
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Getting Screwed in Amsterdam
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Amazing Race has become fairly predictable thanks to the massive separation between the top three teams and the bottom two. This week the teams head to Amsterdam on five different flights and, thanks to a truly evil yet genius plan devised by the top three teams, Abbie and Ryan get royally screwed. It doesn't help that they foolishly decide to return to the Frankfurt Airport, the worst place in the entire world.

The Airport Insanity

Thanks to some wacky airport mix-ups in the past two legs, the first place team (Jaymes and James) starts 10 hours before the fourth place team (Abbie and Ryan) and 13 hours before the last place team (Josh and Brent). That should be insurmountable, but the race begins at 7:30pm, which means the airport is closed and gives the bottom teams a chance to catch up. This is a particularly insane episode because all five teams take different flights to get to Amsterdam.

It's especially hard for Abbie and Ryan who return to the Frankfurt Airport in Germany, aka the airport where nothing ever goes right. They miss their first connecting flight that would get in at 12:45pm, but smartly bought tickets for a second, later connecting flight that gets in at 2:05pm. But that second plane had mechanical issues, because Frankfurt is the Amazing Race equivalent of Hell.

Here's when they arrive in Amsterdam.

11:30am: Natalie and Nadiya (a connecting flight through Rome)

12:15pm: Jaymes and James (a direct flight)

1:05pm: Trey and Lexi (a connecting flight through Cyprus)

4:30pm: Abbie and Ryan (a connecting flight through Frankfurt)

4:35pm: Josh and Brent (a connecting flight through Oslo)

The Fast Forward

The Twinnys are the first team to land in Amsterdam and take a Fast Forward on a bus/boat where they must each eat five herrings in seven minutes. They succeed, and as they leave they bump into Jaymes and James who were also going to try for the Fast Forward. So it's off to the Pit Stop for the Twinnys at the house of Rembrandt's mistress, which seems kind of sketchy, like going to the childhood home of Monica Lewinsky. They're annoying as always and each win $5,000.

Detour and U-Turn

The Detour involves recreating a painting by Rembrandt or collecting 30 Euros in tips for an organ grinder on the street.

Jaymes and James decide to grind for money (of course they do). In fact, when things die down, the shirts come off and the bow ties go on. It's about time they're putting their Chippendales talents to good use.

They get to the Double U-Turn and they don't want to use it because they're good guys, but they made a deal with the Twinnys and Trey and Lexi to U-Turn Abbie and Ryan, so that's what they do.

Later Trey and Lexi grind the organ and get to the Double U-Turn. This was the second part of the deal where they agreed to U-Turn Jaymes and James, knowing they're ahead of them and thus wasting the second U-Turn to ensure Abbie and Ryan get screwed over. It's dastardly, but also brilliant.

The Roadblock

It's the old ditch vaulting roadblock that the show has used before to comical results. The Chippendales breeze through it with no problems. They finish in second place, and then Trey and Lexi arrive, complete the roadblock quite easily as well, and finish in third.

The Bottom Two Teams

Due to the airport madness in Frankfurt, Abbie and Ryan land in Amsterdam at roughly the same time as Josh and Brent. Once again they team up in a rare act of friendship and kindness, agreeing to run the race together.

They do the Rembrandt painting detour together, but when they arrive at the Double U-Turn they see Abbie and Ryan are forced to do the other half of the detour while Josh and Brent are free to proceed.

Abbie and Ryan go to grind for money in the rain while Josh and Brent have a crisis of conscience. Should they go with their friends to race together so they can remain true to their promise? Or do they go straight to the roadblock to try and win? They opt for the latter, vault the ditch and go for the win.

The End of the $2 Million

Josh and Brent check in as team number four while Abbie and Ryan lament the betrayal by the Chippendales and their bad luck at the Frankfurt Airport. It was a massive series of unfortunate events that led to their downfall.

Abbie and Ryan have been eliminated from the race. So no one is getting $2 million. That sucks for them because they got screwed by bad airport luck and a three-team conspiracy. Even the cheerful organ grinder music over the closing credits can't undo the awful feeling.

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