'The Amazing Race' Recap: Final Four Teams Hit Up Spain with End in Sight
'The Amazing Race' Recap: Final Four Teams Hit Up Spain with End in Sight
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Can you believe another season of The Amazing Race is drawing to a close? This is the last episode before next week's two-hour season finale! In Spain for this leg of the race, the teams are confronted by flame-swinging devils, have to hit the tennis courts and also drive themselves to get from place to place, which becomes a big struggle for one as the cars are a stick shift.

The Final Four

The teams don't know how the results of the Amsterdam leg played out, so the twins, the Chips and Trey and Lexi all don't know whether their master plan to get rid of arguably the strong team in the race had been successful.

The Chips express their guilt over what they did, so they are definitely not wanting to see the team they U-Turned. Trey and Lexi and the twins obviously are hoping to see the Beekman boys, who have played this game as underdogs and can't seem to catch a break. 

Josh had rolled his ankle, so he's walking with a noticeable limp. Brent comments about breathing through the pain like Lamaze, to which Josh responds that he isn't pregnant. It's a hilarious bit, and I'm really rooting for them. It's great to finally see more of their personality as the teams have been whittling down. They also believe they can actually win.

When the other three see it's the Beekmans who are the fourth team, they're all completely ecstatic. It doesn't feel like they're genuinely happy to see the Beekmans, but because it's them, they feel they're that much closer to the million bucks. The boys are definitely being underestimated.

Stop and Go

The devils that hand the teams their clue are pretty scary because they're running around swinging fire while making loud noises. I can't imagine what it would've been like at night time. The Beekmans are last, of course, while the other three get there together and depart for the tennis courts in their cars. Together.

Except the twins can't drive a stick shift and are well behind Trey and Lexi and the Chips. It's like a terrible driver's ed training session because of the sudden stops and the screeching. This isn't a good sign for the rest of the race since they literally cannot go anywhere.

Trey the Tennis Pro

At the hometown of Rafael Nadal, the teams have to return 20 tennis balls that shoot out of a machine pretty quickly. They have to complete the task before the machine runs out of balls -- or start over.

Trey plays tennis (not surprising), so this is a breeze for him. The Chips poke fun of his Andre Agassi headband, saying that's what's bringing him luck. But it's not much luck as Trey finishes in no time. He and Lexi take off for a cove for the next clue.

Back on the courts, Jaymes returns six balls before the machine runs empty and then has to start over! But he's much more successful the second time around, getting to 20 in no time.

Meanwhile, the Beekmans arrive as the Chips leave. And the twins seem to have finally gotten a hang of the driving.

Struggles on the Court

I'm not sure why Josh, with the ankle problem, decides to do the physical activity. He says the ankle feels much better ... but then he rolls it again as he's moving around the court trying to hit the tennis ball! He gets over four before having to start over. Then Josh returns 10 before starting over again. 

Then the twins arrive and tell a story of avoiding tennis practice when they were younger. I haven't been as critical or hating of the twins as others have, but my patience with them really is running thin, and I'm wanting them to lose. Nadiya gets eight tennis balls back over before having to start over. 

Josh, meanwhile, is pretty much sitting out because he can't push off his ankle. I practically yell at the TV for him to keep going because they really need to start creating some distance with the twins for third. When Josh finally gets back up, he's doing really well. He gets 20 and says he feels like he won the Olympics. He looks like he might pass out.

Nadiya isn't too far behind with 14 and gets the remaining six quickly thereafter. The Beekmans are about to drive away when they get to their cars. The twins ask the Beekmans if they know where they're going, and they say they'll ask for directions. That's when the twins notice the boys have a map and they comment, "They're super prepared, they're gay." Because being prepared has to do with your sexual orientation?! I super hope the twins lose now.

Small Mishap

The Chips and Trey and Lexi get to the cove together and make it through the maze to find the musicians who have the next clue. They both decide to go for the bull fighting -- except the Chips take the wrong way that turns out fine because they end up at the windmill. They complete the task rather quickly, it looks like.

At the bullfighting arena, Trey and Lexi are funny as they become the "bull," with Lexi blindly running in the back with Trey up front. He gives pretty bad directions, and pretty much tells Lexi to bowl over the final bullseye, toppling the entire thing over as they crash into it, leading to tears because Lexi slices her finger. It looks pretty bad.

Meanwhile, the Beekman boys have arrived to the windmills, and the twins do that as well.

Off to the Pit Stop

Trey and Lexi go for it again, this time switching positions and complete it with plenty of time to spare. I'm not sure why the other two chose the windmill because this seems easier than having to construct a windmill.

The pit stop is a giant castle that used to be a prison. Trey and Lexi arrive first and win a trip to the Riviera Maya! I'm definitely surprised they came first because it just seemed like the Chips were ahead. They come in second.

At the windmill, the two teams are hard at work. It plays to the Beekmans' favor because they've fixed tractors, so they seem to know how to get this one done. They finish ahead and arrive at the pit stop third. Host Phil Keoghan says they're the little train that could, and it's so true.

The twins realize they've lost. They also say the Beekmans were underestimated. They arrive at the pit stop last ... but this is a non-elimination leg, so all teams will be at the finale!

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