'OUAT in Wonderland' Interview: Peter Gadiot on Cyrus and Alice's Epic Romance and the Difficulties of Being a Genie
'OUAT in Wonderland' Interview: Peter Gadiot on Cyrus and Alice's Epic Romance and the Difficulties of Being a Genie
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Prepare yourself to be charmed! On Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Peter Gadiot's Cyrus is at the ready to be take the "Charming" moniker away from Once's Prince Charming. While he may be playing a genie instead of a prince, Gadiot has an unmistakable appeal that he brings to the role. In the premiere, Cyrus has a magnetism that radiates from him and it's no mystery why Alice falls in love with the genie.

On a recent trip to the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland set in Vancouver, I had the opportunity to speak with Peter Gadiot along with other reporters about Cyrus, the love affair with Alice, and the difficulties of being a genie.

Where's Cyrus in the second episode?

Episode 2 focuses a lot on flashbacks of Alice and Cyrus, their romance, just things that they did. There's a scene where there's some sort of fighting going on. Just general backstory of their romance.

Are Cyrus and Alice an epic romance?

Peter Gadiot: It is. I think it is one of those things where it's definitely -- it clicks immediately. I think we can all relate to certain example of where you meet someone and there's a vibe, an electricity, whatever and it just works. It's not that much of a challenge. They're just very different people from different worlds literally. So they are learning about each other, but it feels very comfortable like in some way they were always destined to be together.

Cyrus is a genie. What does that mean in the context of this show?

In the context of this show, it means that I have been essentially a slave to other people's desires for a while. A servant who has no powers to help himself, but has unlimited powers to fulfill the desires of others. 

More specifically it means that all the other protagonists want me. Alice wants me for love -- for genuine reasons, but all the other characters want me so I can fulfill their own selfish wishes. You'll see that in various ways and different strands of narrative each of those characters are in their own way pursuing Cyrus.

What are the rules around what he can do?

There are definitely rules in terms of the laws of magic that has explicitly set out. There are rules to the number of wishes each person can have. It's quite standard, it's the three. But in terms of the actual powers that Cyrus has and he can do, that's very much a gray area.

I kinda get beat up a bit. I'm like surely I could defend myself or do a bit of magic and they're like "nope." I just get my ass kicked a lot by all of these magical things. It's all magic. No one actually touched me. It's a kinda a mixed bag. There's firm rules for the wishes and the magic I can give to people, but my own personal power is seemingly non-existent.

What is Cyrus like beyond being a genie?

Ultimately, we are only going to see a certain side of Cyrus for the first half. And, as we go into the second half, something big happens in episode 8, so that's gonna affect Cyrus hugely. And, then because of that and the backstory, we'll see who he is.

In the first few episodes, we only see one side of him and that's the side of him that's in love with Alice. Obviously, he has wisdom, strength, fortitude, and determination, but there's kind of purity and single-minded thing of I need to find this woman I love. As it gets later in the series, we're gonna see more complexities and how he became who he is. Obviously, no one is the same throughout their lives. We all have our journeys that makes them interesting.

Who does Cyrus fear the most in Wonderland?

I guess it has to be Jafar really. There is definitely more to their story ... whether that's in Agrabah or in a different way. It's not as much about the physical threats but more about knowing someone's heart and knowing their desires. Jafar definitely has a dark heart, so I know he won't stop. 

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