'Person of Interest' Season 2 Premiere Review: It's Alive!
'Person of Interest' Season 2 Premiere Review: It's Alive!
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Okay people, show of hands. Who thought that at the end of last season of Person of Interest -- after Finch had been kidnapped and Reese turned to the cameras and said that it their problem now - who actually thought that the person or people that Reese was talking to was The Machine??  Well in 'The Contingency' we find out that that is exactly who Reese was addressing. 

It's alive! Alive!

I've always just thought of The Machine as a tool, but it turns out that it's more than that. With a lot of flashbacks, we find out that it was "born' on January, 1 2002 and judging by the way that Finch spoke to it, he was treating it like a living thing from the very first day. He treated it almost like a child; praising it when it did things right and gently scolding when it did things wrong. 

A surprising contingency plan

The episode starts out precisely where we left off last season and after Reese tells The Machine that Finch is gone and it has to take care of things now, it immediately calls him with a number. Like Reese, I assumed that the string of code was something that would help him find his friend. Turns out though that the contingency Finch had worked out if he was taken out of the picture was: Reese. 

Reese: a man lost

Poor Reese. After seeing where he began his journey with Finch and The Machine - homeless and completely cut off from the world - I would've thought that there would be nothing that would bring him down that far again. While Reese didn't go nearly as far down as the last time his world was ripped apart and he lost people close to him, we did still see him struggling. Reese says that he doesn't have too many friends and I know it was hard for him to let Finch in after everything that happened to him before. To then have his buddy pulled out from under him and find out that he's supposed to keep on running the show must not have been easy. I'm glad that he's got Bear for company now (how freaking cute was that dog by the way??), because I have a feeling we may not see Finch back for a bit. 

Fusco and Carter: sibling rivalry

Now that Fusco and Carter are aware that they've both been working for the same people, I expected them to start acting as a team. What I did not expect was for them to start acting like spoiled little siblings instead. Okay, maybe not so much Carter but Fusco definitely had that "daddy likes you best" pout going through most of this episode. It was hilarious and as much as I like the guy and kind of hate the way that he is treated sometimes, I am still hoping that this behavior continues as it's a fun source of comic relief. 

Root's crazy plan

All through this episode, Root kept trying to get The Machine to come out of hiding and reveal itself to her. At first we are of course led to believe that she wants to control it and seeing as how completely crazy she is, I could see how that could go terribly wrong. But her true plan might actually turn out to be worse: she wants to free The Machine. While it may seem meek and trustworthy right now, who's to say that it couldn't turn bad if given the freedom to use the information that it gathers any way it wants? 

What did you think of this week's premiere of Person of Interest? What do you think of Root's plan to free The Machine?

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