'Person of Interest' Season 2 Preview Video: What do we Know?
'Person of Interest' Season 2 Preview Video: What do we Know?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We may still have a few more weeks to wait until the Person of Interest season 2 premiere on September 27. But there is a new behind-the-scenes video out that features an interview with executive producer Greg Plageman, giving fans a lot of information on what we can expect from the show this year. 
According to the video, the season premiere of Person of Interest is called "The Contingency" and Plageman promises that the episode will be a roller coaster ride. It will pick up right where the first season finale left off, with Finch kidnapped by Root and Reese trying to find a way to get him back. 

Reese is lost without Finch

When first we saw Reese in the pilot, he was a lost soul and literally wandering the streets. Finch was the guy who took Reese out of that existence and gave him something to live for. It's no wonder that Reese is going to be struggling a bit and I think it will be very interesting to see him go through that. Not only am I looking forward to seeing him struggle professionally -- as he'll have to interpret the Machine by himself -- but also personally as he also has to deal with not having his friend around. 

Carter and Fusco are on the same team finally

Carter and Fusco working for Reese and Finch without knowing it was one of those types of storylines that I both loved and hated. I loved it because it was so much fun to watch them dance around each other and to see how well Reese and Finch played them against each other. But it was frustrating as all heck because all I wanted was for them to team up, dangit. The reveal has finally happened and now I'm thrilled to see how it's going to change their relationship, as promised in the video. 

More questions about Finch's past will be answered

We learned a lot about Reese in the first season and how he ended up where he was when Finch found him. And though we tapped a little bit into Finch's past, we never got the full story. According to the video, all of that is about to change and we are apparently going to get a lot of questions answered about our favorite scientist. Such as, what happened to his business partner and how did he get that limp? I can't wait to see what we find out. 

One of things I was very happy to hear in the interview is that they are going to balance keeping the show interesting enough for part-time viewers, but also reward those of us who have been with Person of interest since the beginning and enjoying delving into the characters. 

How do you feel after watching the behind-the-scenes video? Has it got you more excited to watch the new season?

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