'Person of Interest' Season 1 Preview Guide: Teaming Up to Stop Impending Doom
'Person of Interest' Season 1 Preview Guide: Teaming Up to Stop Impending Doom
CBS' Person of Interest has been gaining attention due to the brains behind it. The screenplay it was based on was written by the award-winning J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, best known for the story that inspired the film Memento. But what exactly will this new drama be about?

What to Expect on Person of Interest Season 1:

Lost star Michael Emerson plays Mr. Finch, a billionaire who has created a program predicting the identity of a person involved in a future crime. However, it can't pinpoint the role of the person in the crime itself. It also has no clue of where or when the situation will take place.

This leads Finch to seek out former CIA agent Reese, played by The Passion of the Christ's Jim Caviezel. Since he's been wiped off the map and presumed dead, he's being given another chance to live his old life and exact justice. 

Agreeing to help out Finch, they make a perfect vigilante team. He's been trained in covert operations, while he's a software genius loaded with money. These two will use whatever means necessary to stop crimes from taking place before they happen, all while working under the radar.

Unfortunately, their suspicious actions have been picked up by the NYPD. A homicide detective named Carter (Taraji P. Henson) is on their trail, along with a cop called Fusco. Even though they can get in the way, somehow Reese and Finch know they can often be valuable assets.

Below, you can find a preview clip for Person of Interest season 1. There are mysterious phone calls, 24/7 spy cameras, and lots of weapons. That's more than enough to keep you watching.

We've also got behind-the-scenes footage from the show, wherein the cast and crew discuss details about the upcoming drama. Emerson and Caviezel talk about the troubles of their characters, while Nolan and Abrams open up about the premise of Person of Interest.

Don't miss the premiere of Person of Interest season 1 on CBS on Thursday, September 22 at 9pm.

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