'Person of Interest' Review: So Many Complications, So Little Time
'Person of Interest' Review: So Many Complications, So Little Time
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In this episode of Person of Interest, we saw that though Finch may be home now thanks to the combined efforts of Reese, Fusco and Carter, things are far from over for any of them. Though everything was almost back to normal; with Reese on the case of a new POI, underneath it all there were many, many complications. 

Not-so-spoiled little rich girl

Sofia definitely played the part of a spoiled little rich girl in the beginning of the episode, but after a while it was clear that she was more than just a pretty face who made trouble for sport. She was also an integral part of her father's future campaign and below the bratty exterior laid a tender heart. I really enjoyed the way she and Reese grew closer and closer throughout the episode. 

Loaded for Bear

The new addition to the cast did a great job at winning me over pretty quickly so I guess it's no surprise that he did the same to Finch. It may have started out as a relationship where Finch ignored Bear and called him "it," but by the end, the two looked like they became fast friends. I think having Bear around is going to help Finch a lot with his other problem, too. 

Finch's complications

I theorized after watching the preview for this episode that it was possible that Finch might have some after-effects from being kidnapped by Root and it turns out I was right. I felt so bad for him when he had what I can only assume was a panic attack after Reese asked him to watch Sofia. The fact that Reese didn't question Finch when he said he had a "complication" proved to me that Reese was probably expecting it to happen. I loved that Reese didn't push Finch too hard, but still managed to help him outside (with Bear too, of course). I'm not sure if this will resolve Finch's fears completely, but it was nice that Reese was able to get him outside. 

An old friend is back

At first I thought maybe Agent Snow was going to turn out to be working the Corwin case on his own and I began theorizing that he could be a possible ally. I never thought that Kara would be behind it, but boy does that open up a whole new door to lots more trouble.  

Some of my favorite bits and quotes:

Reese reassuring Finch that Bear may not be much of a conversationalist, but if anyone threatens them, he'll eat them. 

Reese: "Let me guess, you had to buy another security company." 
Finch: "And a credit bureau."

Reese pulling out the wallets of the other men interviewing for the bodyguard position. 

Sofia trying, and failing, to ditch Reese. 

All of the interactions between Finch and Bear - from the way he started out as calling Bear an "it" to finally throwing the ball and even offering treats and a walk. 

Reese: "Is she keeps this up, her biggest threat is going to be me."

Fusco: "John's not his usual cheery self without you around."

Finch denying that there was any noise when Reese heard Bear scrambling after the tennis ball. 

Reese: "I think I found our friends and they're not photographers." 
Finch: "How can you tell?" 
Reese: "The gun was a pretty good hint."

Reese taking down some bad guys to the tune of club music. 

Reese cooking Sofia's favorite meal. 

Reese: "I've spent some time being lost." 
Sofia: "What changed?" 
Reese: "Someone found me. Told me I needed a purpose." 
Sofia: "Sounds like a good friend." 
Reese: "He is." (Finch's reaction to that entire conversation was awesome).

Sofia telling Fusco that he looked like her stud of an uncle. Haha!

Fusco's phone labeling Finch as "Mr. Good News."

Reese: "Give me three and a half minutes." 
Carter: "Oh please, there are at least ten guys in there." 
Reese: "Okay, four minutes."

Carter pointing out that maybe Reese should ask questions BEFORE knocking his opponents out. 

Reese's little grin to Jack after Sofia walked away from the balcony. 

Reese's half smile to Finch before taking him outside, then his bigger one when he saw his friend was doing better.

What did you think of this episode of Person of Interest? Do you think that Finch is over his fears now that Reese took him outside? Were you surprised by Kara's return?

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