'Person of Interest' Review: Not All Humans Are 'Bad Code'
'Person of Interest' Review: Not All Humans Are 'Bad Code'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Person of Interest sure managed to keep me fooled for a while in this episode. All of the evidence that Reese and Carter were tracking down seemed to lead straight to the identity of Root, but with a nice little twist, we find out that it's someone else entirely. 

Tracking down Root's roots

Turns out that Root being sneaky goes back a long way and she was just a young girl when the loss of a friend sent her on a path of crime and revenge. Reese figured out that she was from Texas and he and Carter headed down there to follow the trail that they hoped would lead to where she was keeping Finch. I thought that them sharing a hotel room would be rife with hilarious moments, but other than one or two, it was just business as usual for them. 

Root's fiendishly clever plan

Root had no problem using any means necessary to get the information that she wanted, including torturing a man named Denton Weeks. He was the guy that Finch originally sold The Machine to and she figured that he would be a good source of information. When he refused to talk, she put into action the next part of her plan. As much as I wanted to hate her for how evil she was, I couldn't help but to admire her cleverness. She left Finch and Weeks alone to give them a chance to bond, then allowed herself to be knocked around so that Weeks would think he'd gotten away. Then she bided her time as Weeks himself got the information out of Finch about The Machine. It was brilliant and incredibly devious. 

One girl leads to another

While Root was carrying out her plan, Reese and Finch were tracking down a missing girl they believed was Root before she changed her identity. It all seemed to add up too, until they figured out that the missing girl was actually dead. I'm very proud of the fact that I figured out it was Sam, and not Hanna, a few minutes before they actually figured it out on screen. Don't get me wrong, I was still fooled most of the time, but at least it wasn't the whole time. That has to count for something, right?

The reunion

Was anyone else surprised to find out in the beginning of the episode that Finch had only been missing for one day? I really thought that it had been longer than that with all that happened in the premiere last week. It also felt that way because Reese seemed so lost without him, which I guess goes to show how connected they are. I was torn between wanting to see Reese continue to work on his own and wanting to see them back together and in the end I was happy when the two were reunited. We all know that Root is not gone for good, but I'll be happy to see the show get back the team saving innocent people for a while. 

A few of my favorite bits:

Fusco trying to speak Dutch to Bear. 

Reese playing cute delivery guy to get Hanna's file. 

Reese not only getting into a bar brawl in Texas, but actually throwing a guy out of a window. Looks like he's a fan of the classics. 

Root using Weeks' own policy on interrogation techniques on him. 

Finch telling Root that he'd rather die than give her The Machine and at least then he wouldn't have to listen to her anymore. Ha!

Carter: "Why is there a crossbow on the bed?" Reese: "Long story."

Bear sitting in the driver's seat of Fusco's car while they were on a stakeout. 

Finch leaving a trail for Reese to find. 

Finch: "He proves your wrong. Not all humans are bad code."

Reese: "You saved my life once or twice, Harold. Seemed only fair I return the favor."

Finch pointing out that he and Bear were sure to get along since they both shared expensive taste in books. 

What did you think of this episode of Person of Interest? Do you want to see more of Root or are you ready for the team to get back to work?

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