'Person of Interest' Review: Even Killers Can Change
'Person of Interest' Review: Even Killers Can Change
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In this episode of Person of Interest, called "Triggerman," Reese and Finch are given the number of a mob hitman and naturally assume that they are there to prevent the thug from taking out a widow. Trouble is, there's a heck of a lot more to the story than that and soon the team finds that they've got two people protect, not just one. 

Bad Code

Throughout this episode, Finch was extremely reluctant to take part in protecting Riley. Even after he found out that Annie and Riley were in love, Finch still maintained that the enforcer was nothing but a killer and would never be anything else. Reese wasn't happy with his friend's assessment and I can't say that I blame him. When Finch referred to Riley as "bad code" I have to wonder if he realized what saying something like that would mean to Reese. John kept trying to tell him that he too was once a killer, but Finch kept arguing that they were two different kinds of people. It was strange to me that Finch couldn't seem to see how making those remarks would cause Reese to wonder if Finch felt the same way about him. 

One step at a time

With two people to watch over, Finch and Reese of course call in both Carter and Fusco for help but it turns out that the job is more than three of them can handle sometimes. That forces Finch to head back out into the field again. He was hesitant at first, but with the help of Bear, he did eventually make it outside into the world. I really love how they are continuing to deal with the aftereffects of Finch getting kidnapped. Every episode he gets a little better and I think we may have seen the last of many of his fears in this one. 

Old friends

When the team needs help getting a couple (or maybe a hundred) hitmen off of Riley and Annie's backs, Finch turns to an old friend for assistance. I wondered if we'd ever see Elias again, but I have to admit I was pretty nervous when they didn't show us what he wanted from Finch in exchange for his help. Under that quiet, soft-spoken exterior lays a man who's willing to do anything to stay in power and I was afraid of what Finch was going to have to do for Elias. Having it end with a chess game gave me reason to sigh with relief and also smile with anticipation. I really like the idea of those two continuing to play and I wonder if this means we'll start seeing a lot more of Elias. 

My favorite bits and quotes:

Finch: "I suppose if the city is going to have organized crime, they should at least be diverse."

Reese: "I'm going in." 
Finch: "Something happening?" 
Reese: "Yeah. Lunch."

Annie serving George more than just his lunch. 

Finch playing with Bear in between calls from Reese. 

Reese playing a literally stumbling drunk to plant the bug on George. 

George: "Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?" 
Reese: "Right now, that look on your face. Nothing another drink won't fix."

Reese: "She just became his next target. He just became mine."

Finch: "He's a killer, Mr. Reese."
 Reese: "So was I, Finch." 
Finch: "I think there's a distinction to be made." 
Reese: "Not as much as you think."

Carter immediately saying "no" the moment she heard Reese's voice on the phone. 

Reese offering to call Fusco when Finch sounded reluctant to go out to Annie's apartment. 

Finch: "Mr. Reese, I may have found something." 
Reese: "That's good, Finch, because I may have lost something."

Reese: "Great, now does any of that voodoo produce an address?" 
Finch: "460 Eckford, and it's trigonometry."

Finch: "He shot you, John." 
Reese: "It wasn't personal."

Being very afraid to find out what Elias wanted in exchange for calling off the bounty hunters. 

Carter: "Don't tell me you're with him." 
Reese: (pause) "Okay, I won't, but I still need your help."

The look that passed between Reese and Riley when John said he wouldn't hesitate to turn Riley in himself.

Riley: "You got a detective in your pocket?" 
Reese: "More like on my back."

Riley staying behind so that Finch and Annie could get away. I so knew that would turn out to be a final sacrifice. 

What did you think of this episode of Person of Interest? Do you think that Reese was upset by what Finch said about Riley being "bad code"? Why do you think Finch believes that Reese is different from men like Riley?

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