'Person of Interest' Review: Can Reese Hide in Plain Sight?
'Person of Interest' Review: Can Reese Hide in Plain Sight?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On this episode of Person of Interest, called "Bury the Lede," The Machine gives Reese and Finch the number of a reporter -- but is she the victim or the perpetrator?

Hiding in plain sight

Max is a reporter who's not afraid to do whatever it takes the get the truth out to the people, and that includes risking her own life. When The Machine hands spits out her number, of course the guys assume that she's the target and put Reese on her tail. The only trouble is that she is fully aware of the mysterious man in a suit that saves people so he has to figure out how to protect her while hiding in plain sight. When I saw the preview, I thought that the dating thing was Reese's idea but in hindsight it did make more sense that Finch set it up. I only wish we could've seen what he wrote to Max in Reese's place, because that grin he gave was extremely wicked. 

The wrong man

Turning the tables halfway through the episode and showing that Zambrano was not in fact HR's boss was a nice trick. It opened up a whole new aspect to the story and I liked that it forced Reese to go even farther with his undercover operation. I thought we'd only get to see him struggle through one date, but he basically stayed with Max for a couple of days. I knew Reese wasn't likely to get close to Max romantically, but it was still interesting to see him challenged by having her around all that time. Plus it gave us Finch hiding in Reese's closet, which was pretty hysterical. 

The real HR boss

Delivering a final twist at the end was yet another great trick, as all the evidence adding up to the mayoral candidate being HR's boss seemed to make sense. But I guess I should've known that the boss wouldn't go down that easily. Now he's still out there, which means that no one is safe. This Quinn guy is very cunning and I'm sure he's going to continue to be a challenge to Fusco, as well as the rest of the team. 

Fusco's dilemma

Speaking of Fusco, I really felt for him when Simmons threatened his son. Just when I think the poor guy is somewhat out of trouble, something new happens to him. It stressed me out all last season that he had to keep pretending like he was working for HR and I stupidly thought that maybe that would be all over for him. But it's not and now he's even been forced to do something that he couldn't tell the rest of his team about. I never thought it would happen, but I ended up liking the darn guy and I hope nothing awful happens to him. 

Finch and Bear

Just a quick shout-out to say how much I enjoyed the antics of Finch and Bear in this episode. One of the things I love most about this show is its ability to balance the humor with the drama and action, and Bear and Finch gave some great laughs in this one. 

My favorite bits and quotes: 

Reese asking if Bear's squeaky toy was feedback. 

"Glad the Feds haven't come after me yet." 
"The day's young, Fusco."

"Is it weird that that just makes me want to catch him more?" 
"For you? No."

Finch trying to distract Bear away from the toy with a ball. 

"I do wish you wouldn't do that here." 
"When I do it in the park, people look at me funny."

The pics on Reese's fake dating profile page. 

The look on Reese's face when he found out that he'd been chatting with Max all day. 

Zoe patting Reese's butt. 

Reese turning off his earwig when Finch started going on about social psychology. 

Reese putting on the glasses Finch got him. 

Finch's eyebrows shooting up when Max quoted George Orwell. 

Reese looking as nervous as a whore in church, standing in the middle of the police station. 

"I put getting the scoop before getting the truth."

Finch realizing that he had Reese's dog and then frantically hiding in the closet before Reese got there. 

"He really likes that closet, huh?"

The look on Finch's face when he realized he was standing in Reese's weapons stash. 

"Did you get a good look at the men that were shooting at you?" 
"I tried, but they were shooting at me."

Reese sneakily picking the lock to the carousel while Max wasn't looking. 

Fusco getting the ledger and taking his and Simmons' pages out of it. 

"No bodies, no bullets. So this is what a normal date with you feels like."

What did you think of this episode of Person of Interest? Did you enjoy watching Reese have to play the innocent boyfriend for Max? What do you think of Fusco's troubles and the revelation of HR's boss?

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