'Person of Interest' Recap: The Original Reese
'Person of Interest' Recap: The Original Reese
M.K. Costigan
M.K. Costigan
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This week on Person of Interest, 90% of the show's characters appear, everyone gets some backstory and we all learn the importance of not being a huge jerk. It's a good thing.

Reese 1.0

For an episode that takes place almost entirely in another time frame, "RAM" uses very few new characters. The most notable of the ones they do introduce is Mr. Dillinger, Finch's partner before Reese. He's a pretty big jackass. Unlike Reese, he prefers to kill people rather than main them and takes advantage of emotional distress to get some action. He and Finch very clearly don't like or trust each other, but in this line of work I guess the pickings are kind of slim.

The Machine gives them the number of Daniel Casey, a hacker who went off the electronic grid a few weeks before for mysterious reasons. Dillinger and his complete lack of subtlety visit Casey's friend and learn that a mysterious couple is also pursuing him. Because the goal of this episode is to get as few degrees of separation between everyone as possible, the couple ends up being Reese and Kara.

Finch recognizes Reese right away and warns Dillinger that he's both CIA and very dangerous. Dillinger is a cocky bastard and thinks that he's got everything under control, but Reese and Kara made him as military almost instantly. They're after Casey because they were told that he was a traitor selling government secrets, though Kara doesn't really need an excuse to cause bodily harm. Some people knit, she tortures people with wasabi. Everyone has a thing.

Should Have Stayed in Bed

Casey meets with a man named Ian Banks who claims to be from an internal security organization called SSCI. But Casey has realized quickly that the guy is an impostor and flounces. This does not go well for him. After Dillinger corners him in an alley with his oh-so-gentle approach, he's nearly abducted by Reese, and Kara and is only saved when Banks and company engage them in a shootout. Just one of those days, I guess. 

Dillinger gets him out of the situation and takes him back to Finch and the library, where the hackers bond over their nerd cred and lack of social skills. As is common with people whose lives are in constant peril, Casey had been working with the Machine. The government hired him to test the program for weaknesses, and Casey was shocked to find that the Machine adapted to his one successful hack. He soon realized that he was being used to break into the Machine rather than to test its security and tried to quit. The CIA botched the original hit on him, and Casey escaped with the information he gathered from his hack.

A Dentist's Worst Nightmare

Pretty much every villain the show has ever had is going after Casey. Control and the CIA want to keep him from leaking or selling any information on the Machine. Greer, whom Banks is working for, wants the intel Casey got from hacking the system. And our new friend Dillinger realizes that he can make a quick buck by selling the information to the Chinese. He drugs Finch, steals Casey's laptop and peaces out. I cannot wait for this guy to die.

Things aren't looking good for Casey at this point. He has to flee the library, and Kara kills his one trusted friend. Luckily for him, Reese finds him before anyone else. Reese has magical traitor sensing radar (traidar?) and can tell that Casey isn't actually trying to betray his country. Unlike Kara, he sees this as a reason not to kill him. He provides Casey with passage to Canada and fakes his death by removing several of his molars. I don't know if anyone else has recurring nightmares about just that sort of thing, but this is only marginally less awful than being shot to death for me.

Finch, who by this point has regained consciousness and is listening in on this exchange, does not share my horror. He sees in Reese everything that was missing in Dillinger, and we have to assume that this is when he chose Reese as his next partner.

Greed is Not Good

But Finch hasn't given up on Dillinger yet. He tracks him to the airstrip where Dillinger is going to sell the laptop to the Chinese. He tries to tell Dillinger just how much this plan will backfire, but Dillinger's head is too far up his own ass to hear him. Spoiler: the plan backfires. 

Control has sent in a promising new recruit to stop the sale from happening, and almost everyone gets dead. Of course, the recruit is revealed to be Shaw, because everyone is involved in this little caper. The only person who escapes is one Chinese operative who manages to take the laptop with him. Thus, we have learned how that pesky laptop ended up in China and why Reese and Kara were sent there on a suicide mission.

Return of the Queen

We finally make it back to the present day. And by the present day, I mean last week, since this scene is dated February 25 rather than March 4. Casey is getting his lumberjack on in Canada when he hears a knock at the door. It's Root! Back at last! She is her usual delightfully crazy self, saying that a "higher power" has called Casey to go to Greenfield, Colombia. She then tells Casey that she accidentally attracted some guys with guns and begins to blow up his cabin. Never change, Root. Never change.

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