'Person of Interest' Recap: Date Night with Pistols, Snipers and Semi-Automatics
'Person of Interest' Recap: Date Night with Pistols, Snipers and Semi-Automatics
Candice Block Lombardi
Candice Block Lombardi
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This week's Person of Interest episode may be called "Lady Killer," but it is all about the killer ladies, from Shaw, Carter and Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) baiting a stalker in little black dresses to Root escaping with a semi-automatic in the psych ward.

Once again, the women overshadow the calm and cool Finch-and-Reese team, for better or for worse. Do we want to see Shaw and Reese get together? That must be how the producers want us to think because, for two weeks in a row, Shaw is wearing a little black dress. Half-way through the episode, Reese comments on Shaw's dress but that she needs to look less. There's definitely a moment there. 

Dating the Person of Interest

At any rate, Shaw and Reese are on a date: someone else's date. Today, the machine feeds Finch a person of interest named Ian Murphy, who is in a sunny park rowing in his canoe with a brunette. Shaw and Reese are paddling together in the next canoe, watching.

Root's Ready to Escape

The episode switches back-and-forth to Root at the psychiatric hospital, who at this moment is letting her psychiatrist know that it's almost time for her to leave. She is looking at her cell phone. (Presumably, the Machine is using it to talk to her.) Her doctor says the phone is not hooked up to a cell carrier. "God doesn't need AT&T," says Root. Her doctor thinks she suffers from delusions of grandeur, but Root is sure that the Machine has a plan for her to get out.

Murphy the Serial Dater (and Possible Killer)

Back to Shaw: she follows Murphy to a bar. It is the same day, but he is dressed differently and with a different girl. Finch says that he uses dating cites and sites that compile user profiles to learn all he can about his dates. He is a high-tech stalker (not unlike last week's episode about a shady data tracking company -- another private citizen using freely available data, but not for good). We also learn that "Dana Wellington," daughter of famed collector Bruce Wellington, was killed last week. Dana went to the same college as Mr. Murphy, who attended the funeral.  Murphy frequents the bar Blur and Finch decides to set a trap.

Finch's trap? Bring back all of the show's hot ladies and bring them undercover in evening dresses. This includes Reese's "special friend" Zoe Morgan. After admiring one another's guns and tasers that are concealed in their handbags, Shaw wants to know how they will trap the guy. Reese says they'll have to lure Murphy with their charm. He tells Shaw that she looks good, but is angry all the time. Carter says she'll work on that in the car with Shaw. So this is the taming of Shaw.


The girls take a table and then dance at the club, and Rosco watches from the balcony. Murphy enters. He eyes Shaw, he eyes Morgan and then he sits down Jos Carter. He tries to pick her up, saying, "I can't believe they allow cops to be so sexy." She actually seems to like him and agrees to go on a date with him (of course to lure him further, but she seems charmed).

The next night is date night. Murphy is very spooky, wielding a giant knife he is using to cut mushrooms for dinner. He says Carter would make a good detective. She looks down, admitting she was a homicide detective but is back to being an officer for now.

From a ledge outside, Shaw has Murphy in her cross hairs. She sees him go to the fridge with the knife and says, "Should I shoot him?"

"Not yet," says Carter, and Murphy thinks she is trying to slow him down. He says he was just cutting the mushrooms. Reese worries that Carter doesn't have her guard up, but Shaw says she is just doing her job. Shaw also notes that Reese is spending time with Zoe, and Reese says they are just "special friends." He asks her if she's been on any "big dates." Shaw says relationships are for amateurs; guys these days have emotions, they want to be held. 

"Are you a nun?" Reese asks. Shaw says she is a pragmatist, goes out and has fun and nothing more. So the writers are setting the stage for something here...

Root Hangs with her Friend, The Machine

Back at the hospital again, Root passes a computer and verbally asks for the password because her hands are shaking. "Would you mind typing it in for me?" A password types on the screen. Here it is! It's true: the Machine that Finch freed, but which only gives Finch person of interest data, is acting as a friend with Root. The Machine is filling whatever prescription Root is seeking.

The date is ending, and Murphy walks Carter home. He kisses her. Suddenly, two men arrive with guns. Of course, Shaw on the ledge shoots them down. "Nice aim, Shaw," says Carter. "Back at you," replies Shaw. Hmm, this is awkward. Murphy wants to know who Carter actually is, considering she has snipers following her. Suddenly, she is the spy, and he is the normal person.

Rosco tells Finch and the team that Bruce Wellington's head of securities hired the men to kill Murphy. Murphy is back at Finch's place, asking how they knew someone would hurt him. They said they had some information but wanted to know why Bruce Wellington (father of Dana, who died the previous week) wanted Murphy dead. Turns out Murphy had dated Dana many years before, but Mr. Wellington did not approve. Dana was pregnant, but she had an abortion and her father sent a lackey to tell Murphy, pay him off and tell him he had to leave town or Wellington will ruin him.

Well, it turns out that Murphy and Dana had a son after all, and Dana's sister raised him as her own because she would be a more suitable mom. Finch and Murphy head to the son's school to steal his water bottle to get some DNA. Meanwhile, Reese heads to Mr. Wellington's house and pretends to be a collector while Shaw and Zoe open his safe looking for the grandson's birth certificate.

The son, Alex, has been enrolled in a London boarding school. Mr. Wellington wants to protect the name of his heir. Finch answers a call at the payphone (which lets him know that people are trying to kill Root), and Murphy punches his son's driver and takes off with his son in the car.

Murphy calls Carter and tells her what he did. He also drives his son to a park and tells him that he knew his Aunt Dana (who's really his mom) and they have a moment. Carter arrives and takes Alex home. Later, Murphy stops by Carter's station. Carter got a copy of the birth certificate and submits it as evidence. She asks Murphy if he is ready to be a father. He asks her to go out for a drink. She declines, but she really appears to like him. The stalker won Carter over.

Root's Escape Route

Root and the doctor are in their session. She is smiling, and the doctor thinks her medication is working. Slowly, with eyes bugging out, she explains that government operatives are coming to kill her, and she's running out of time. He does not believe her when she outlines exactly how she'll escape.

But it goes exactly as she says. His desk phone rings. She punches him in the carotid artery. She put a drug in the vents that will kick in when the thermostat hits a certain temperature she had set. The Machine told her how to do it.

We see Root walk the halls, with charts and bodies on the floor. She takes a semi-automatic. 

The doctor follows her. She shields him and kills all the bad guys. She looks ecstatic. Finch arrives, not so ecstatic. He calls Reese and says, "Mr. Reese, we have a problem."

Now it really begins! Root is loose! The season is picking up steam.

Person of Interest airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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